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Vol. XV No. 22
Friday June 1 - June 7, 2007


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Huge haul of garbage collected from sea and beach at Koh Larn

Blue... blue, my world is blue

Dutch chef at King Seafood

King Seafood presents scholarships to mark 10th anniversary

Huge haul of garbage collected from sea and beach at Koh Larn

Residents and students on Koh Larn gather for a photograph before they went on a garbage collection spree.

Vimolrat Singnikorn
Deputy Mayor Wuttisak Rermkijakarn has asked visitors to dispose of their garbage in the appropriate places, following a cleanup of the Tawaen Beach area on Koh Larn that resulted in 196.5 kilograms of rubbish being collected from the beach and ocean floor.
Pattaya City Hall’s Koh Larn Office in cooperation with the Marine Dive Company, Songklod Group and the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources organized the cleanup on May 15.
The island’s residents and students from Pattaya School No 10 helped to collect the garbage from the beach.
Sarut Chuthasan, managing director and master scuba diver trainer at Marine Dive said that most of the garbage found on the seabed was pieces of glass and bottles, which not only form a danger to bathers in the shallow waters but also could damage the coral in the deeper waters.
“Visitors who like to drink alcohol at night throw this kind of garbage into the sea,” he said. “The current takes it out to sea while some garbage gets washed up onto the beaches.”

Blue... blue, my world is blue

Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort & Spa is born

Peerapul Pumpaiboon presents prizes to outstanding staff.

Ingo Raeuber presents one of the prizes.

Narisa Nitikarn
Ingo Raeuber, the effervescent General Manager/Group Operations Manager of the Jomtien Pinnacle Resorts and Spa threw a party for his staff on May 24, to say a big thank you to them for their dedication and hard work throughout the years.

Ingo Raeuber thanks his staff for their dedication.
In his opening remarks he said, “It is my wish for everyone to have lots of fun at the party today, because everyone has been so dedicated and has worked very hard throughout the year. This party could not have been held if all of you had not been on a state of high alert and taken care of every detail in our daily operations. Therefore, you all deserve to have this party. Because of you we are celebrating today.”
There was another reason for this party as Ingo revealed later in the evening. Under Ingo’s skilled management, the Jomtien Pinnacle Resort and Spa has grown to be the largest in the chain of 5 resorts and therefore the owners have decided to make this their flagship property by calling it the Pinnacle Grand Jomtien Resort & Spa.
So to honor the name change, the theme of the evening was blue, which is the color of the Pinnacle Grand.
Many competitions were held that evening, including singing and dancing and many departments put on their best.
Ingo also presented trophies to the winners of the internal sports competition held earlier.
Amongst the guests that evening were Peerapul Pumpaiboon, Director of the Pinnacle Finance Group, Suwanthep ‘Tony’ Malhotra, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing of Pattaya Mail and his charming wife Rungratree Thongsai, public relations specialist at Pattaya City Hall.

Fun, fun, fun was the theme of the evening.

Dutch chef at King Seafood

By Miss Terry Diner
King Seafood on Walking Street recently celebrated its 10th anniversary, but what was not known was that there was a special Dutch chef behind the scenes in their large kitchen.

Dr. Iain observes with interest as Chef Wynand Vogel ‘cooks from the heart.’

The Netherlands Senior Experts program (known as PUM in Holland) sees highly qualified experts in all fields doing voluntary consultancy work in developing countries. One of these is Wynand Vogel, a very well experienced Dutch chef, who has been very much in the forefront of spreading the word about culinary excellence. “You have to cook from the heart,” said Wynand. “To do that you have to understand the cooking process.”
Wynand has had more than one high class restaurant in Holland, but believing that he should pass on his skills, saw him visiting many countries during his own holidays. These included Venezuela, South Africa, Norway and Finland, Egypt, India, and Suriname. However, after joining the PUM consultancy group as a ‘Senior Expert’, he has now visited Indonesia, Ukraine, Ulaanbaatar and Thailand.
This sojourn with King Seafood in Pattaya is actually his second trip to Thailand, having previously assisted a group in Chiang Mai open a cooking school in the North.
He has much admiration for the Thai cooks as they are enthusiastic and want to learn new skills, as opposed to cooks in some of the countries he has visited. Of course, he has been teaching traditional European cooking here, as the Thais need no assistance with Thai food!
Having spent an hour with Wynand Vogel, it was very evident that he does indeed “cook from the heart” and has made it his mission to impart the same enthusiasm to his students. It was also very edifying to see that the Dutch group PUM has realized that the accumulated knowledge from older professionals like Wynand Vogel should not be wasted after they give up their own businesses. And yes, I tried his European food at King Seafood, and it was excellent.

King Seafood presents scholarships to mark 10th anniversary

Vimolrat Singnikorn
King Seafood Restaurant celebrated its 10th anniversary on May 19 by distributing scholarships to the children of members of the Chefs’ Association.

Suchart Denchoeychai receives a 10,000 baht scholarship cheque from Wynand Vogel.
During the celebrations, restaurant director Premrudee Jittivuthikan thanked Wynand Vogel, a master chef from the Netherlands who has given advice and techniques on cooking European style food, and provided a management system to King Seafood.
Amongst the guests at the party were Nittaya Patimasongkhorh, chairwoman of the YWCA Bangkok-Pattaya Center, and Suchart Denchoeychai, president of the Chefs’ Association of Pattaya City and the East Coast.
Premruedee and master chef Wynand Vogel presented 10,000 baht in scholarships to the children. A further 5,000 baht was donated to the YWCA Association Bangkok-Pattaya Center, and 5,000 baht was given to support the Pattaya Mass Media Association.
Premruedee said that King Seafood’s main clientele are foreign visitors and consequently when the restaurant was set up 10 years ago she had sought the help of PUM, a Netherlands organization that has more than 2,000 specialists in various fields who provide assistance to developing countries.
Master chef Wynand came to Pattaya to help in the setting up of King Seafood. In addition to being a renowned teacher of chefs, Wynand has cooked for the Netherlands royal family, and has a wide experience of European kitchens, having at various times worked in Switzerland, France, Germany, Sweden, England and Finland. He has received many gold medals at national and international food competitions.

Premruedee Jittivuthikan presents the scholarship to Malinee Suwansenee (left)and Nittaya Patimasongkroh, (2nd left) Chairperson of the Y.W.C.A. Bangkok-Pattaya Center. Witnessed by Niorn Lammaneenil (right).

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