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Mozart Interactive presents a sensual journey through the life and times of a genius

Rotary Clubs hand over hydroponics station in Ban Tin Deng

Auspicious start to Year of the Dog as German Shepherd has huge, healthy litter

Tropical Bert’s makes a move

Mozart Interactive presents a sensual journey through the life and times of a genius

Elfi Seitz
The Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Foundation, under the patronage of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Maha Vajiralongkorn, and along with the embassies of Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, the European Union and in association with B Grimm & Co Ltd, staged the concert “Mozart Interactive” on January 30 at Bangkok’s Cultural Center.

The Bangkok Symphony Orchestra.

Conducted by Hikotaro Yazaki, the Bangkok Philharmonic performed four symphonies and the requiem of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Prior to the concert, Austrian Ambassador Arno Riedel and his counterpart for the European Union, Dr Friedrich Hamburger, praised not only the works and contributions of Mozart, whose 250th birthday is currently being celebrated around the world, but the latest project of Dr Titus Leber, whose latest DVD production was on display at the event.

Austrian Ambassador Arno Riedel (left) and his counterpart for the European Union, Dr Friedrich Hamburger (right).
Dr Leber, whose productions include “Vienna Interactive”, “The World of Louis Pasteur” and “The Great Louvre” and who is an advisor to Bill Gates, was earlier appointed by the Mae Fah Luang Foundation to be director of their multimedia project. A CD-ROM, “What did the Buddha teach?” based on a pamphlet of Her Royal Highness the Princess Mother was produced showing the murals in the temple of the Emerald Buddha.
With his latest creation, the DVD “Mozart Interactive”, Dr Leber presents historic pictures from Mozart’s short life and his times, which received a lot of attention at its premiere during the festivities to commemorate Mozart’s birthday in Salzburg, Austria.
The DVD, a sensual journey into the 18th century, allows two and a half hours of insight into the life and travels of Mozart and seven and a half hours of listening to his marvelous musical creations. Details may be obtained at

Rotary Clubs hand over hydroponics station in Ban Tin Deng

Heads of the 5 families being helped by this Rotary Club project greeted their benefactors at the new hydroponics project.  

On January 26, Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya charter president and project chairman, Peter Thorand, Rotarian Erwin Rohner and Rotarian Bob Denzel traveled to Phuket to officially hand over a hydroponics project to the 5 selected families there. This was a joint project with the RC of Auburn Alabama.
They were welcomed on their arrival in Phuket by the members of the Poseidon CruisAiders, the organization Peter choose to help and supervise the project construction and the training seminar. They were highly recommended for their charity work in the area.
Ban Tin Deng is 120 km from Phuket Airport. The area has a few fisherman and the 20 or so families in this town make a living from fishing and fish farming. The tsunami destroyed all fish farms and the government only gave a little money to all, which was not enough to rebuild the businesses or sustain the families for a long time. More help was needed to rebuilt this industry.
On arrival in town the Rotarians were greeted by the heads of the 5 families, Monchai Chonkit, Habredeen Vaharat, Denphum Tatel, Yusop Vaharak and Chonkid.
The families then proudly displayed the donated hydroponics setup. The place looked great, and visiting Rotarians could see that the families are truly interested in this business and are trying to make a go of it. However, the seedlings they planted were all eaten by ants. CP Peter then told them that they need to spray a pesticide first on the ground and let this dry, this way, he said, this problem is solved.
CP Peter gave them a speech, which was translated into the southern dialect to the family members present. Amongst the info he gave them was that Rotary will monitor them through the CruisAiders and make sure that everything will be done correctly. He also told them that in 3 months he will drop by again for a look and to see the progress made.
They in return promised from deep in their hearts that they will not disappoint us and that they have to make a living from this, since this is all they have now.
Before departing, Rotarian Bob handed them some more seeds, all in all around 4000 lettuce seeds and 400 tomato and cucumber seeds; this was to make up for the loss occurred through the ants.

Auspicious start to Year of the Dog as German Shepherd has huge, healthy litter

Paul Strachan
In the early hours of Sunday the 29th of January ‘Sugar’ gave birth to the first of what was to be a litter of 8.
Owner and trainer of Sugar, Tom Coghlan told us that he couldn’t believe it, he had just returned from the Chinese New Year celebrations in Pattaya to his home in Huay Yin to see the first of the pups appear.

Sugar gave birth to 8 puppies on Chinese New Year.

This was Sugar’s first litter and Tom was delighted when another 7 pups followed. Of the 8 puppies only one was female, who is of a slightly lighter shade than her brothers who are all jet black.
Tom runs a centre that trains dogs for a variety of purposes. Some of the dogs are used by the police, security agencies and one of them even assisted Tom in a search and rescue mission following the Asian tsunami.
The birth of these puppies holds special significance as it coincides with the Chinese Lunar New Year, with this year being the year of the dog and for Chinese, the number eight is meant to be especially lucky.
Sugar and her new pups are all in good health and the father, Rambo, who originally comes from the Czech Republic but who is also at the centre, is keeping a watchful eye over his family.
Over the next few months Sugar’s main job will be to tend to her offspring and then she will go back to her normal duties. As for the puppies – when they are old enough some of them may even follow in their parents’ footsteps, or is it paw prints, as they will be trained to protect the differing communities here in Thailand.
On Saturday the 11th of February Pattaya Mail on TV will show Sugar, Rambo and the puppies at the centre in Huay Yin.
This large litter has left Tom with one, or rather eight, problems – what to call the puppies. So Tom is inviting suggestions of Chinese names for the 7 dogs and one bitch. If you would like to put forward some ideas please send them onto and please put the translation of the names as well.

Tropical Bert’s makes a move

Brendan Richards
Tropical Bert’s Beach Bar, a haven for golfers and connoisseurs of cool amber ale, officially re-opened its doors last Tuesday. Once set in the wilds of Soi Regent Marina (aka Soi 0) the move, necessary due to the construction of the new hotel, gave Bert and his crew a chance to open the new and improved bar and restaurant on Second Road in the new plaza next to Soi 6/1.

Bert and Poo, and their Tropical Bert’s Beach Bar, are happily ensconced in the new premises on Soi 6/1.

As 5.30 p.m. rolled on, the traditional ‘shafted swine’ arrived for the already growing number of patrons. The numbers were boosted by the near record 51 golfers returning from a day out a Khao Kheow.
Derek Brook, Bert’s ‘golf meister’, presented a multitude of prizes to flight winners and technical winners. He was ably assisted by Mike Gerrard, aka Tina Turnoff… as bright red lipstick was planted firmly on the cheeks and heads of the winners - much to the amusement of the many guests and golfers attending the rowdy party. Mike then gave his usual outstanding performance with tunes from Willy Nelson and Elvis.
Bert and his team not only have new premises but he and his wife Poo have taken on partners in the form of Reg and Dot. “We were quite fortunate to move here,” said Bert.
The new location also has 5 very large rooms for rent short or long term. Each room features UBC, TV and DVD players. “The rooms are quite nice and we’ll also have monthly rates available,” Bert said.
A long list of regulars were on hand to wish Bert, Poo, Reg and Dot the very best in the new venture and did so till late in the evening.

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