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Friday November 11 - November 17, 2005

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We’re Professionally Rockin’

Early Diwali celebration for PILC at Indian by Nature Restaurant

Haus München celebrates seventh anniversary

Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya members take trip to Chantanimit

GM Amorn speaks on Royal Garden Plaza policy as 12th anniversary is celebrated

A short discourse on Loy Krathong meanings and traditions

PSC’S biggest project takes shape

Vassula Ryden to speak at Assumption College

PBTA prepares to hold 19th birthday party

Gay Festival raises more money for AIDS sufferers

Nova Mirage is on schedule

British Legion director insists Remembrance is as significant as ever

We’re Professionally Rockin’

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya Hosts PCO and Media Night

Suchada Tupchai

The PCOs event at the Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya included many fun, and funny, games.

Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya on October 29 hosted “We’re Professionally Rockin’!”, an event attended by professional conference organizers (PCOs) and media professionals, aimed at showcasing this seaside hotel’s services and facilities.

Following several engaging “ice-breaker” and team-building games held in the afternoon around the hotel, attendees were treated to a full evening of wining, dining and excellent entertainment.

The PCO & Media Night’s evening function was held in the Hall of Fame, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya’s recently refurbished venue for meetings, incentives, conventions, and exhibitions (MICE).

Early Diwali celebration for PILC at Indian by Nature Restaurant

Gillian Thom

Pattaya International Ladies Club had their monthly luncheon recently at the elegant Indian by Nature Restaurant on Thappraya Road. And although some of the group members were still in Bangkok, getting over the Melbourne Cup celebrations, there was a good turnout of over 40 members.

Pattaya International Ladies Club members enjoying their monthly luncheon at the Indian by Nature Restaurant.

Club Vice-President Avninder (Av) Khanijou owns the restaurant, and always makes a special effort to entertain the group with a delicious buffet. Ladies were invited to wear ethnic costumes, which gave those who had been on the recent trip to India a chance to show off their new outfits! There were also some vendors with more Indian clothes and goodies available for sale.

PILC President Sharon Tibbitts thanked the members for attending, welcomed one new member, Lindsay, and reminded the ladies of forthcoming events, including the Gala Ball in November, and various activities in the New Year, including the popular Quiz Night in January. Helle Rants้n, chair of the Welfare Committee, also spoke about the club’s charitable projects and reminded members that the shopping trips to Carrefour with the Street Kids will start at the end of November.

The coffee mornings form one of the club’s bi-monthly get-togethers, and are a good way of meeting up with new and old friends alike. Anyone wanting to join the group, or who would like more information about its various activities, should telephone Sharon Tibbitts, President, on 06 0956928 or Vice-President Avninder Khanijou on 038-374-303.

Haus München celebrates seventh anniversary

Narisa Nitikarn

Kamolthep Malhotra, sales and marketing director of Pattaya Mail Media Co., Ltd., producers of Pattaya Mail on TV, presents a gift of flowers to Roger Ayyer on the occasion of Haus München’s seventh anniversary.

Haus München, on the Pattaya-Naklua Road near Soi Wong-Amat, celebrated its seventh anniversary on October 20. Manager Roger Ayyer hosted a lavish reception and was on hand to greet guests and old friends.

A buffet was provided, with European and Thai food, and everyone toasted the future success of the popular restaurant.

Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya members take trip to Chantanimit

The vocational service director of the Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya, Marvin Green set up a joint project between the Rotary Club of Taksin-Pattaya and its sister club in Chantanimit. Members of the RC of Taksin Pattaya traveled to Chantaburi to join the sister club, at their weekly meeting. Everyone arrived in the afternoon at the Travelodge Hotel where the RC of Chantanimit holds their weekly meeting. As always the fellowship and the food in this club is superb.

PP Dieter presented President Sanjaote Talard Lang of the Chinese Temple Association with an envelope containing 3000 baht to be used to feed and clothe the hungry and poor people in the area.

PP Dieter addressed the club and told the members that the president and members of Taksin-Pattaya would continue to support their club’s activities. Then he presented President Sanjaote Talard Lang of the Chinese Temple Association with an envelope containing 3000 baht to be used to feed and clothe the hungry and poor people in the area.

The next morning Rotarians Marvin and Bob traveled to the Sureerath Shrimp Farm, one of the country’s most environmentally friendly and efficient farms. On arrival at the farm the farm’s president, Prayoon Hongrath, welcomed them and gave a guided tour of the farm and its facilities. Those present found the trip very interesting and were amazed at the effort that goes into producing a type of food they all enjoy regularly.

GM Amorn speaks on Royal Garden Plaza policy as 12th anniversary is celebrated

Understand your customers and fulfill their wishes, he says

Suchada Tupchai

In the 12 years since Royal Garden Plaza opened for business, Pattaya City has changed to an immense degree. Yet still the plaza remains one of Pattaya’s favorite shopping and entertainment venues, an attraction for everyone no matter what nationality or age.

“Royal Garden Plaza has four main performance areas: results, customer focus, people development, and innovation...”

Royal Garden Plaza is part of the Minor International Group, which is also responsible for many other businesses including the Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa.

Pattaya Mail spoke to Royal Garden Plaza’s general manager Amorn Amornkul on how the plaza maintains its lead in the face of competition and market changes.

Royal Garden Plaza opened after the Pattaya Marriott Resort and Spa, said Amorn. Planning began 15 years ago, and the plaza is now celebrating 12 years of success.

“Everything changes and we also have to change.”

At its completion, this was one of the most modern style buildings in Pattaya, with its glass frontage and its mini theater, its myriad of boutiques and its stylish restaurants and fast-food outlets. Amorn said that the building was designed specifically to meet international standards, and work is undertaken on a continuing basis to ensure that it always remains up to the minute in terms of design and facilities, and that it always meets the expectations of overseas visitors.

Because it’s a shopping center and is always in use, adjustments and upgrading have to be done little by little so as not to disturb the customers and vendors. This is not easy when major works are undertaken, such as in the upgrading that was completed last year, when one more floor was added. There was in total a five-year upgrading program that used a budget of almost 300 million baht, said Amorn. But it was very necessary, because Pattaya is moving very fast and Royal Garden Plaza has to stay at the forefront.

“The new Bangkok International Airport is going to have an important effect on Pattaya.”

“My boss asked me why dinosaurs became extinct,” said Amorn with a smile. “For me I thought it was because they had a big body and slow movement. But my boss said they died out because they didn’t change, although their surroundings and the environment were changing.

“We would become extinct like the dinosaurs if we didn’t adapt to the changes taking place around us. Now I make this point of view central to our administrative policy. Everything changes and we also have to change. The future always changes things and we must adapt.”

“We would become extinct like the dinosaurs if we didn’t adapt to the changes taking place around us.”

Vision is, however, a practical skill. Amorn said that at Royal Garden Plaza they have a structure of four main performance areas, namely on results, customer focus, people development, and innovation.

He ticked the categories off on his fingers. With a results-oriented policy you don’t worry about the time and the budget if you are satisfied with the results. A customer focus strategy is built around understanding customer needs and fulfilling customer wishes. People development involves motivating and rewarding your personnel so that they give their utmost in terms of service. Innovation means that you lead with new ideas.

Competition has emerged in the past four or five years with big names such as Lotus, Big C and Carrefour moving into Pattaya. But Amorn said that there is still a lot of potential in the city. Whereas Bangkok has an enormous number of shopping malls, department stores and hypermarkets, and the major operators are looking to expand into the provinces, Pattaya is still a very attractive and growing market.

But he also points out that much of the perceived competition is from hypermarket operators who are in a different segment of the market.

“We have three distinct sales outlets, namely fashion, food and entertainment,” he said. “In fashion, we have the most brands in Pattaya City. We have Food Wave for food service in an area of about 5,000 sq m, and we have other well-known restaurants. For entertainment we have Ripley’s World of Entertainment, which is different from our competitors, and many other activities.”

Amorn said that the opening of the new Bangkok International Airport is going to have an important effect on Pattaya and its development. That in turn will present its own challenges to Royal Garden Plaza, but with the strength of its vision and strategy he is confident this will remain one of the city’s premier shopping and entertainment venues.

Amorn said there are many activities planned to celebrate the 12th anniversary. For example, each purchase of 1,200 baht will be rewarded with a raffle ticket for a 12-karat 12-diamond locket valued at 600,000 baht. This has already begun and will continue until November 30. The prize draw will take place on December 1 at 7 p.m. at the fountain area.

A short discourse on Loy Krathong meanings and traditions

According to the history written by King Mongkut in 1863, the Loy Krathong festival has its roots in ancient Brahmin culture, going back some 700 years. The spirits of the river were given offerings which were sailed in the river in small boats (krathongs) and in this way the owner of the krathong would gain absolution. This was a Brahmin belief.

The small boats fashioned by the beautiful and talented Nang Noppamas, the daughter of a Brahmin priest and wife of King Phra Ruang, were notable for their construction and beauty. It was this king who then dedicated the krathong to the memory of the Buddha, and decreed that the event would be called Loy Krathong and that it should become an annual celebration to commemorate the skill and beauty of his consort. In this way he lifted it out of Brahmin culture and installed it into the accepted Buddhist way of life. This is the reason that the krathongs now carry three incense sticks representing the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha.

During the Loy Krathong Festival, people decorate their krathong with flowers, joss sticks and candles which will then sail away, taking with them bad health, bad luck and unhappiness.

Lanterns are well-known symbols in the Loy Krathong Festival, too, being used to decorate houses and temples in worship of the guardian spirits. There are four kinds of lantern used in the festival: the hand-held rabbit lantern, the hot air balloon lantern (kom loy), the hanging lantern for religious worship, and the spin lantern installed at the temples. The belief in lanterns is that the lights inside compare with the wisdom the people will gain in the next life.

PSC’S biggest project takes shape

Bernie Tuppin

The construction of the Chonburi Shelter located at Rong Po, midway between Pattaya and Sriracha, is well on the way to completion. These buildings will double the capacity of the existing facility. The Shelter is run by the Welfare Dept and caters to the needs of a variety of unfortunates in our community. Those that are helped there include abused children, both boys and girls, aged persons abandoned by their families, homeless pregnant women and girls, accident victims with no family support and battered wives. Until now all of these people (up to 50 at times) have been housed in a single dormitory with meals prepared and eaten on the verandah.

Progress to October.

This situation was brought to the attention Helle Rants้n, PILC Community Welfare Chairperson, who contacted Jesters President Woody Underwood and PSC Charity Chairman Bernie Tuppin. The three groups had previously worked together at Huay Pong to refurbish dormitories and construct a shelter for abused children. At subsequent meetings it was decided to pool resources to increase these facilities that were under extreme pressure. Plans were drawn up for a new dormitory and caretakers’ accommodation and also a separate building to serve as a kitchen and canteen.

Pictured breaking the ground for the new shelter buildings in August are (from L to R) Gerry Carpenter (PSC president) Sharon Tibbitts (PILC president) Helle Rants้n and Bernie Tuppin (PSC charity chairman).

At the annual PSC general meeting a proposal was put to the elective members that the PSC take responsibility for the dormitory at a cost of B1,200,000. The proposal was passed without objection making it the single largest donation ever made by the Pattaya Sports Club, (exceeding last year’s donation of B700,000 to the tsunami victims at Koa Lak and Koh Lanta).

As with the tsunami donation the bulk of the funds will be raised at our coming Charity Classic Golf Tournament. The Jesters and PILC will be responsible for funding the kitchen and canteen. Present progress suggests that the complex will be completed by early November 2005 and we hope to have the opening advertised so that any interested members may attend the official handover.

Vassula Ryden to speak at Assumption College

Vassula Ryden

On Sunday, November 20 from 1.30 - 4 p.m. at Assumption College Hall in Sriracha, Vassula Ryden will present a talk about True Life In God; the inspirations she’s been receiving from God since 1985.

Vassula’s experience with God is a lasting and inexhaustible spring of wisdom, love, enthusiasm for God and the salvation of the world. For that reason the testimony is convincing, joyful, and stimulating.

Besides conversion and a call that humankind should answer love with love, there is also concern for the church unity. Where would Vassula’s message lead if it were put into practice? Come and listen to her messages.

PBTA prepares to hold 19th birthday party

Suchada Tupchai

The Pattaya Business and Tourism Association is to throw a party celebrating the 19th anniversary of its founding.

(From left) PBTA secretary, Deputy Mayor Weerawat Khakhai, PBTA President Thanet Supornsaharungsri, PBTA Treasurer Premruedee Jittiwutthikarn, and Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn, PBTA registrar hold a news conference announcing the PBTA 19th anniversary celebrations.

A press briefing was held on October 26 at Green Park Resort, with PBTA president Thanet Supornsaharungsri, Pattaya deputy mayor and secretary of the PBTA Weerawat Khakhai, Treasurer Ms Premruedee Jittiwutthikarn and registrar Sinchai Wattanasartsathorn outlining the plans for the event, which will take place on November 15, beginning at 6 p.m. at Long Beach Hotel.

Thanet said that the PBTA was established to promote business and tourism in Pattaya and is the center of information for government officials and businesspersons both national and international.

This year sees the 19th anniversary of the association and the committee organizing the celebrations believes that the party will help cement relationships between business owners and government agencies and provide an opportunity to exchange opinions and views concerning Pattaya. There will be activities, games and prizes.

Tickets and further information are available from Flipper Resort Hotel, tel 0 3842 6401-2 and 0 3841 1655-6.

Gay Festival raises more money for AIDS sufferers

Casa Pascal dinner results in collection of 235,000 baht

Elfi Seitz

Organizers of the Gay Festival were once again busy at a club dinner on October 24 at the gourmet restaurant Casa Pascal.

They arranged the many beautiful prizes, amongst them a diamond ring worth 40,000 baht, attractive paintings and even furniture, to encourage all the many guests to buy lots of raffle tickets. Nobody said no, and after all the tickets were sold the club was 115,000 baht richer, a sum that will go to help AIDS patients.

That was not all. The assistant manager of Le Cafe Royale and editor of Guide to the East, who died in September, left the Gay Festival the amount of 100,000 baht in his will, which was presented to the club at the dinner. He was a great humanitarian who will be missed by all his friends. Another humanitarian, who didn’t wish to be named, donated a further 20,000 baht. The total amount of the money raised on this event was 235,000 baht.

Malcolm won the beautiful ring and earned many jealous looks. All the other winners of the raffle prizes were more than happy as well.

As usual Pascal and Kim Schnyder and their team did a great job preparing a fantastic meal and making everybody feel at home. From the price of the dinner, Pascal donated 400 baht from each meal to the Gay Festival.

Nova Mirage is on schedule

Nova Mirage is on schedule for its owners to move into their new luxury condominiums at Christmas this year. Located in the upscale market of Wong Amat Beach, all the units have balcony views of the ocean. The quiet white sand beach is located a mere 200 meters from Nova Mirage. Unlike the noisy and heavily congested Pattaya and Jomtien beaches, Wong Amat Beach has no traffic noise, no disco music, no beer bars, and no traffic pollution to ruin your day while enjoying the tranquility of the beach. A lighted 3 km brick promenade by the sea has just been completed for relaxing strolls any time of the day.

A luxuriously laid out bedroom at the new Nova Mirage.

Nova Mirage has eight stories of new luxury condominiums with 78 units. 50 Sq.m studios, 100 Sq.m corners, and 218 Sq.m penthouses are still available. Prices start at less than 1,500,000 Baht! A few prime retail shops are also for sale on the ground floor. The Bali style clubhouse and tropical swimming are now ready for use. Nova Mirage features include Hi-Speed ADSL internet, maid service, laundry service, an exercise room, covered parking, 24 hour security, and management services to rent out your condo.

The Nova Mirage is nearly complete.

The building’s distinctive Thai highlights can now be viewed as the project is nearly ready for transfer to its new condo owners. The signature Thai roof has been completed and the magnificent exterior painting is almost finished. The main water and electrical systems have been installed along with the two lifts. The rooms have the tiles set, walls painted, doors installed, and bathrooms completed.

Nova Mirage is located near the end of Naklua Soi 16, across from Park Beach and Silver Beach Condominiums. The office with showroom is open daily from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The telephone number for Nova Mirage is 038-225-723 with a website of and email of [email protected] The sales manager, Doug Ballard can always be contacted at 068-862-877. Please visit us anytime!

British Legion director insists Remembrance is as significant as ever

The director of the Royal British Legion emphasized in a recent article that Remembrance is as significant as ever and was a debt owed to the war-time generation. Talking about the new Order of Service for Remembrance he said, “It was designed to hand the torch of Remembrance to the next generation.”

A special “Remembrance Day” service will be held on November 13 at 3 p.m. under the auspices of the St. George’s Congregation at the Chapel in the Redemptorist Center off Sukhumvit Road opposite Index Furniture.

The service will be similar to that used at Remembrance Services around the world and incorporating part of the Order used at the Cenotaph in Whitehall London. This year the service has been devised by the Interfaith Group, Churches Together, the Joint Liturgical Group and the Royal British Legion.

The new service enables people of all faiths and none to stand together in profound silence and penitence and in commitment to work together for peace and justice.

The Act of Commitment does not mention God – a deliberate decision to make the service as inclusive as possible for people of all faiths and none – Those gathered commit their willingness to strive for all that makes for peace, seek to heal the wounds of war and work for a just future.

The prayers refer to all who in bereavement, disability and pain continue to suffer the consequences of fighting and terror, recognizing that many non-combatants die in modern warfare and conflict. There are prayers for peace-makers and peace-keepers.

The writing of the Order of Service brought together members from the Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, Reformed and Pentecostal traditions in liaison with Ecumenical groups at European and World levels.

An open invitation is extended to all who wish to identify with this act of remembrance and attend this service. The service will be presided over by the Revd. Allan Sherratt and representatives of different denominations and faiths are asked to contact him direct or Thor Halland on [email protected] or 071-287-020 to register that they would like to participate in the actual service.

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