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Friday September 16 - September 22, 2005

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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]:

Clavis Portae at Asian University: Freshmen’s Welcome Activities

Last Call for Jesters Pub Night

Pupils’ work on display at Pattaya School 9 exhibition

Ice cream and a show add up to a fun lunch for the kids of Ban Thung Kha

Puan Rak Nong group presents scholarships

All good sports as 10 Pattaya schools take part in the games

Clavis Portae at Asian University: Freshmen’s Welcome Activities

The Asian University Students’ Union arranged the Freshmen’s Welcome Activities August 30-31 for all the new students. On the first night, an exciting campus tour was arranged in and around the Academic Building. All the lights were turned out; then the freshmen had to find their way around in the dark. It was very scary and more than a few screams were heard.

The new students being painted.

On the second day the fun and games continued, the second, third and fourth year students made-up and decorated the Freshmen with paint and flowers. They all ended up looking like rainbow people. After that, the Freshmen were entertained at five stations around the campus with games, singing and dancing, dancing, dancing, at the same time meeting and getting to know the “Seniors”.

Finally, everybody, including faculty members and guests enjoyed a barbecue dinner together followed by a warm welcome at the “Buy Sri Su Kuan” Ceremony.

Clavis portae, or key to the doors, is now a traditional welcome for the new students coming into Asian University.

A raft being prepared for launch on the lake.

Games in the sports hall.

Last Call for Jesters Pub Night

Lewis Underwood

Following the huge success of our Jesters Children’s Fair, although we are ecstatic, there is no time to relax, as we still have to prepare for our second fund raising event, the Jesters Pub Night at Jameson’s, on Saturday September 17th.

Tata Young’s dress worn in concert will be up for auction, as will this signed photo of her wearing it.

We are frantically collecting all the remaining Grand Raffle prizes and Auction items and preparing them for display and presentation. And still more prizes and auction items are being offered.

The latest excitement is Mike Axford’s most recent contribution to our auction portfolio: Andrew Flintoff’s signature on the front cover of the Sunday Times (Sept 4thedition). This acquisition from the English Cricket Team’s hero for the Ashes 2005 has promptly gone to the top of our auction list. Complete lists of our Auction items and Grand Raffle prizes are presented on this page.

Besides the exciting prizes and items on our lists, there are some other novel ways that we will be raising money on the evening. John Kennedy has once again offered Graham Macdonald a bit of humility for a generous donation on his part. John will put up 30,000 baht on the night if Graham prances around all evening in a pink chiffon fairy frock complete with wings and wand. Of course, as Graham will do nearly anything to raise money for the kids, he has heartily confirmed that it is ‘game on’.

Jameson’s - The Irish Pub

Similarly, Ian and Pat Dickson have offered to donate 20,000 baht to our cause if Simon Philbrook will wear a ‘ravishing, sequined’ evening gown on the same evening.

Along with these two colorful individuals strutting their stuff on Pub Night, we will have DJ’s Andy Francis and Paul Jackson spinning the discs and Auctioneer Eddy Henheffer doing his thing, lubricated by ‘Rusty Nails’. All in all, it should be another evening of revelry, fun, and entertainment with lots of spot prizes kindly sponsored by Bussarin and Batik shop, and the Grapevine.

This rosewood table set with 6 chairs will be up for auction at the 8th Annual Jesters Pub Night Sept. 17 at Jameson’s The Irish Pub.

Regarding Erik and Robert, our Scandinavian push bike riders, a bit of misfortune and irony took place last week. As they were poised to depart early last Friday morning at 04.00 from Pattaya for the beginning of their 412 km cycle ride, they stopped at a local convenience store for a final fill up with water. With their bikes parked in front of the brightly lit store, they went in for mere minutes and came out to find one of their bikes gone. Police were quick to show up and though a frantic search ensued the bike had disappeared and the trip had to be postponed for a week. The up side is that they have had another week to collect sponsorship for their ordeal. The thief, if caught, should be made to cycle the return trip to Chanthaburi and enjoy the comfort of riding 412 km on a narrow saddle on 140 psi tyres.

In the meantime, another special bike to suit the size of the rider and the purpose was purchased in Bangkok and the two riders are hopefully en route to Chanthaburi by the time you read this article. Their plan now is to conclude their lengthy trip by showing up at Jameson’s on Pub Night when they return to Pattaya. So be prepared to clear the way and offer them your seats, some sustenance and a few drinks.

Jesters Pub Night 2005 Auction Items (order subject to change)

Andrew Flintoff signed front cover of Sunday Times (Sept 4th) (Mike Axford)
Jonny Wilkinson framed signed photo (Mike Axford)
Arnold Palmer signed book and photos (Chuck Jensen)
Pele signed Brazil jersey (Mike Axford)
Michael Schumacher signed photo (Mike Axford)
Diamond earrings in 18K white gold settings (Robert Van Mol)
Tata Young dress worn in concert and signed photo of her wearing dress
Tata Young signed stuffed toy
Carabao guitar signed by band
Carabao guitar signed by band
Tibetan carpet (Ted Worcester collection)
Jack Nicklaus framed English 5 Pound note (Mark Gorda)
Amethyst/diamond ring (Thai Bijoux)
Jacques Villeneuve race cap and signed photo (Steve Ryser)
Peter Sauber signed photo (Steve Ryser)
Giancarlo Frischella race cap (Steve Ryser)
Felipe Massa race cap (Steve Ryser)
Martina Hingis signed shirt (Dusit Fitness Center)
Paradorn and Tammie signed shirt (Pattaya Mail)
Paradorn and Tammie signed shirt (Pattaya Mail)
Rosewood adjustable dining table set (full length 7 feet) w/ 6 chairs (FOL)
Rosewood 2 chairs and table (FOL)
Rosewood chest of drawers (FOL)
Rosewood wardrobe 2 m wide x 2m high (FOL)
Rosewood bed and 2 nightstands (FOL)
Rosewood audio / visual system cabinet (FOL)
Pebble Beach golf pkg (Jeff Paladeau)
Paintings of Thai scenes by handicapped artist (Pattaya Mail)
Michael Setter paintings (self)
Charles and Camilla Royal Wedding Package
Quilt (Our Home)
Semi-precious stones (Nong Tee)
Elkie Brooks signed CD/DVD (Tony Stevens)

Jesters 2005 Pub Night Grand Raffle Prizes

• BA/Qantas Sydney BKK return for 2
• Travel Clinic Hong Kong BKK return for 2
• Cathay Pacific Hong Kong BKK return for 2
• DTC Travel domestic air/hotel package for 2
• SAS Singapore BKK return for 1 (Business Class)
• Judi Travel and Consultant 2 days, 1 night to River Kwai for 4
persons with meals, accommodation, transport and tour guide
• Swiss Air Singapore BKK return for 1
• Royal Cliff Beach Hotel 2 nights in mini-suite with sea view
• Logan’s Place in Koh Chang for 2 nights, 3 days
• Woodlands Hotel and Resort in Pattaya 1 night stay in deluxe
room for 2 persons with American breakfast
• Dusit Fitness Center 3 month family membership
• Satellite radio
• Mermaid’s Dive Center free PADI open water diver course (3 days)
• Mermaid’s Dive Center free PADI junior open water diver
course (3 days)
• Thailand Open, Men’s Final grandstand ticket (x 2) for 02/10/
05 (POV Media Group)
• Central Gems voucher (3000 baht)
• Bruno’s voucher
• Harley Davidson Ltd edition collectible: 1952 Ford Pickup
• Jewelry box
• Symphony 1000 baht meal vouchers
• Symphony 1000 baht meal vouchers
• Pat’s Pies dinner voucher
• Yorkies dinner voucher (1000 baht)
• Greg’s Kitchen breakfast voucher
• Sunset Café breakfast voucher
• Au Bon Coin meal voucher
• Burmese antique (Deva)
• Tropical Bert’s meal voucher
• The Sportsman voucher
• Café Kronborg voucher
• Amari food outlet voucher
• Amari food outlet voucher
• Ben’s Beauty Salon voucher
• Estee Salon facial voucher
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht)
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht)
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht)
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht)
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht)
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht)
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht)
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht)
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht
• Mike’s Mexican Restaurant voucher (500 baht
• Bob’s BBQ meal voucher
• Bob’s BBQ meal voucher
• New Mode Tailors bolt of cloth
• Grapevine vouchers (x 4)

Directions To Jameson’s - The Irish Pub

If you are new to Jameson’s, then here are two simple ways to get there:

From 2nd Road turn right at Bangkok Bank, follow the road until it bears sharply right and Jameson’s is just ahead.

From North Road turn off to Big ‘C’, follow the road to the end, turn left and Jameson’s is just ahead.

Either way, there’s always a warm welcome waiting for you at Jameson’s, and especially on Jesters Pub Night. Parking for over 60 cars.

Pupils’ work on display at Pattaya School 9 exhibition

Suchada Tupchai

Deputy Mayor Weerawat Khakai was honored guest at Pattaya School 9 students’ work exhibition on September 2.

Students presented what they had learned in such areas as English, Art and Science.

Chairman of the school’s education committee Urit Nantasurasak, who is also a deputy councilor for Pattaya, said that the purpose of the exhibition was to illustrate the progress of the pupils on the instruction they had received in the classroom. The event united teachers, students and the education committee in the common goal of developing the intellectual expertise of the children.

Students put their full attention into the exhibition.

Weerawat said this exhibition was a result of the hard work of many departments and that he believed the teachers and students benefited from taking time to prepare all the materials needed.

City hall, said Weerawat, supports all the schools in Pattaya to reach the standards and levels of achievement as the best schools in Thailand.

The exhibition was divided into separate groups such as English, Art and Science, and at each booth the work was introduced and presented by teachers and students.

Lovely students put on a Thai dance show.

Ice cream and a show add up to a fun lunch for the kids of Ban Thung Kha

Suchada Tupchai

Former president of YWCA (Bangkok-Pattaya Center) Nittaya Patimasongkroh along with more than 20 members of Pattaya Sports Club brought food, desserts and ice cream as a special treat for the children at Ban Thung Kha School, in Huay Yai sub-district, as part of the Warm Family project.

Nittaya Patimasongkroh, former president of the YWCA, led the presentation.

School director Thitichai Juthapannachat, teachers and pupils gave a warm welcome to the visitors, who served a slap-up lunch for 470 students and donated computer equipment to the school.

Included in this memorable lunch party was a show staged by Tupphaya Biker that included Thai boxing, fire eating, and a stunt man, which greatly impressed children and teachers alike.

Thitichai said that many of the pupils are from other provinces, their families having traveled to the district in search of work, so the school has a diversity of students.

Ban Thung Kha School teaches children from kindergarten to secondary class 3. The school has 470 students and 19 teachers.

The children happily eating.

Puan Rak Nong group presents scholarships

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

The Phuan Rak Nong (friends caring for young friends) group, led by Narit Sirisri and with Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn presiding over the ceremony, distributed scholarships at city hall on September 2.

Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn presides over the presentation.

The project is an on-going initiative in which Phuan Rak Nong awards scholarships to the 10 Pattaya schools.

Total amount pledged is 30,000 baht for 30 scholarships, divided into three scholarships per school at 1,000 baht each. Teachers from each school select the recipients based on their school results. The scholarships are available to all children from primary school class 1 through to secondary school class 3.

Mayor Niran said this project increases education opportunities for children studying in Pattaya. The city council has developed an educational structure with an emphasis on personal development and building construction, he said.

Many people come to the city each year in search of work and their children attend the local schools. As most of these families are from an underprivileged background, it is extremely beneficial to have scholarship support from groups or organizations in the area.

All good sports as 10 Pattaya schools take part in the games

Suchada Tupchai

All 10 Pattaya schools came together for a joint sports event that culminated on August 26, with more than 1,000 students taking part in a colorful musical parade at Pattaya 7 School, in Nongpangkae.

Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn presided over the event, with school directors and teachers leading the cheering throng of parents and public.

The various competitions included field sports, discus throwing, hop, skip and jump, high jump and long jump, and running events.

Mayor Niran said that sport competitions benefit all children by developing healthy living, physical attributes, intelligence, and attitude and social skills. Sports help foster the notion that taking part is important and how to show the right spirit, win or lose.

Above all, the mayor said, sport is fun and this was certainly reflected in the enjoyment of those participating in the games, the parade and the cheering-on of their teams, even though the heat was sweltering.

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