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Dusit Resort Pattaya appoints new Italian chef

Charity Club of Pattaya keeping busy

Sophon goes Hawaiian

Rotary Club of Pattaya Marina makes 2nd donation to tsunami victims

Seminar discusses the power of baby’s brain

Caf้é New Orleans Extends “Fiesta Filipina”

3 more days for the exhibition

Dusit Resort Pattaya appoints new Italian chef

Chatchawal Suphachayanont, general manager of Dusit Resort, Pattaya Hotel recently announced the appointment of Chef Maurizio Menconi as the new Italian chef at The Bay Italian Restaurant, Bar & Terrace at the hotel.

Chef Maurizio Menconi

Maurizio was born in Camaiore (Tuscany), where he started his cooking career with his brothers at their family-owned Trattoria/American Bar. Wanting to learn more about the various cuisines around the world, he furthered his knowledge at Perigord/France, the University of Truffle in San Miniato, Italy, the Oriental Hotel Cooking School, Bangkok and the Thai Sompet Culinary School, Chiang Mai, Thailand. At the same time, he worked in between in Italy and Sydney, Australia.

Looking back, he still refers to his years in Italy, which formed his strong passion for Italian cuisine and his delicate taste buds, as his most important training ground. His first junior sous chef position at the famous Tuscanian Ristorante Pappillon at Figline Valdarno, Italy from 1992-1994 was a career highlight; also as the pre-opening sous chef of Ristorante Lappeggi, Berlin in 1997-1999 was another milestone, and most of all three years at the Pennone Beach Village at Forte die Marni, Italy also made him realize that his second passion, the Far East, has not ceased.

Mauizio finally returned to Thailand in December 2003, first to Bangkok and now Dusit Resort, Pattaya.

Charity Club of Pattaya keeping busy

The Charity Club of Pattaya has been busy of late: Malcolm and Christina had the arduous task of spending the 64,445 baht that was raised on the St. George’s Day pub crawl and then delivering it to the Camillian Center in Rayong. Armed with woks, cutlery, hot pots, rice cookers, bedding and much needed household items they invaded Georgina’s office with the goods.

Armed with woks, cutlery, hot pots, rice cookers, bedding and much needed household items, the Charity Club of Pattaya invaded Georgina’s office at the Camillian Center.

Then it was off to Bangkok to collect prizes for the up and coming Charity Gala Dinner, Prize Draw and Auction on Saturday day 1st October to be held at the Dusit Resort Pattaya.

The Nai Lert Park Hotel, J.W. Marriott, Emirates and the Majestic Grande are among those donating to the coffers.

There is also an autographed original Manchester United jersey up for auction. Fourteen Man U players have signed the jersey specifically to raise funds for charity. More details coming soon.

Sophon goes Hawaiian

Suchada Tupchai

Hard work by Sophon Cable TV staff over the past year was given recognition during the company’s annual staff party on June 18. The theme - Party Hawaii Night - saw staff from all departments let their hair down for an evening of fun and entertainment.

Chanyuth Hengtrakul (inset) opens the show, followed by the lively Pinky Hula Hula show.

Chanyuth Hengtrakul, Sophon managing director and Chonburi MP, led the fun through the evening, joined by honoured guests Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn and Pol Col Somnuk Changate, Pattaya police superintendent.

Apart from a buffet dinner, there was plenty of entertainment including skits from the staff dressed in Hawaiian style outfits. The highlights of the evening were special performances from the Pinky Hula Hula and the Supper Lady Boy groups, featuring well-known Thai comedians and celebrities.

The fun continued well into the night, ending with a lucky draw with top prize being a brand new motorcycle.

Rotary Club of Pattaya Marina makes 2nd donation to tsunami victims

Dr Olivier
(Charter Vice-President)

On June 18, the Rotary Club of Pattaya Marina, the first French speaking Rotary Club in Asia, donated fishing material and two side-cars for transportation of material, worth 550,000 baht, to the people of Ban Nam Kem, who lost everything during the tsunamis of 26/12.

(From left) Tawip Chamuy, phuyai of Ban Nam Kem, Rotarian Yves Echement, Piangpid Mangonkeow, Rotarian Bruno Wagner and Rotarian Dr Olivier Meyer.

This material will allow four fishing boats to be completely operational. Medicines were also donated to the Takuapa Hospital.

This second donation follows the first one, which was also fishing material, worth 450,000 baht, held during February 2005.

Seminar discusses the power of baby’s brain

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

A seminar at Bangkok Pattaya Hospital on June 18, organized in cooperation with Abbott Co, explored the important steps to take in helping develop the brain of a child under the age of three years.

“I want to play with the bear...”

Kamjorn Suriyasin, assistant director of communication marketing at the hospital, was the opening presenter of the seminar. He said that correct development at that stage of a baby’s life was critical to further growth.

The event was well attended by parents bringing their children along to participate. A talk entitled “The Power of Baby’s Brain” was given by Dr Banchoun Benjasuwanathep, pediatrician and lecturer at the pediatrics faculty of Srinakharintharawirot University, who also led a question and answer session.

Café New Orleans Extends “Fiesta Filipina”

Café New Orleans, a culinary landmark for over 7 years on Pattayaland Soi 2, serving fine Cajun, Creole and American cuisine, is extending its Fiesta Filipina by popular demand. In conjunction with the restaurant’s classic dishes, an array of fine Filipino food will now be permanently added to its menu.

Café New Orleans has acquired and imported the talents of two of the best-known Filipino chefs from the most popular Bistro in Manila.

These talented culinary artists will prepare traditional Filipino cuisine just as you would find in the best hotels and restaurants in the Philippines. Each selection is made-to-order with imported ingredients, herbs and spices and served in traditionally ethnic culinary.

Feast on pork and chicken “Adobo” (marinated in a combination of vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and fresh herbs and spices … and then double-cooked!);

Savor the famous Filipino soup … “Sinigang” shrimp, pork or fish … a delectable Tamarind-based soup with radish, morning glory, okra, tomatoes and onions);

Indulge yourself with “Crispy Pata” (generously marinated, deep-fried pork-knuckles … a Filipino favorite!);

“Tinolang Manok” (succulent chicken, saut้ed in garlic, onion and ginger - then simmered with vegetables);

Fried or grilled “Bangus” (pronounced “Ban-muse” - a sweet, succulent fresh-water fish … endemic to the Philippines … more interesting than trout!).

In addition to all of this, vegetable “Lumpia” (fresh or fried in a seasoned-flour wrapper) as well as “Lumpiang Shanghai” (ground pork with carrots and onions wrapped in a seasoned-flour wrapper, then fried) is on the menu.

And let’s not forget the “most famous of famous” Filipino dishes - “Pansit - stir-fried imported rice noodles, mixed with saut้ed vegetables, chicken or pork.

To top it off - Filipino desserts such as “Leche Flan” and several others are on the menu.

In addition to the fine Filipino food, Café New Orleans has added an extra “treat”! Teaming-up with the world famous Philippine-based San Miguel Brewery, customers will receive special discounts on 2 Flagship beers - Blue Ice and Red Horse. With the purchase of either Flagship Beer, each customer will receive an “Instant Lucky Draw” for an array of fun prizes.

3 more days for the exhibition

Until the 3rd of July Town & Country Property Group is proud to present one of Pattaya’s latest housing projects; “The Meadows” at the ground floor of Royal Garden Plaza. “The Meadows” is a unique medium-sized housing development altogether 64 units and located in Soi Nern Plub Wann - Pattaya.