Vol. XIII No. 23
Friday June 10 - june 16, 2005

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So who benefited?

Don’t blame the tsunami

Is “Miss Universe” legitimate?

Water problem an omen

Pattaya infrastructure getting worse instead of better

At Last Home

So who benefited?


After all the debate a few years back over the purpose of the strange green metallic erections that were growing out of the pavements around the city, Mayor Niran eventually received clarification from someone in city hall that they were “to provide shade” on the sidewalks.

Fine – but did they ever do this?

No – they only managed to inconvenience and inhibit movement along the pathways, especially for invalid and visually impaired people.

Now we see the steady dismantling of these objects – after the pavements have been re-laid! So what is going to happen to the concrete circles that were an adjunct to these metallic forms? Will we now have more upheaval of the footpaths as these are jack-hammered and other paving slabs are jig-sawed in? But more importantly – who authorized the erection? Who made them? Who were the beneficiaries – certainly not the people of Pattaya. Another great scheme that only benefited the construction companies. Will the people who authorized the scheme be held responsible for the waste of tax-payers money and Central Government funds? Will they be asked to reimburse the coffers for this hair-brained scheme? I think one had better not hold one’s breath…

Allan, Pattaya

Don’t blame the tsunami

How long will it take those in charge to realise that their present (social order campaign) policies are only helping Thailand’s neighbours and competitors and creating social unrest and economic hardship to the Thai populace?

Every day another nail is firmly driven into the proverbial coffin, but no one takes responsibility for the steady decline in all the bell weathers - wake up before its too late - lighten up towards tourism, foreigners & investment and arrest this cancer while time still allows. 1:00 a.m. closing says it all! - and don’t blame the tsunami or whatever other excuse for these misplaced policies.

“Let’s turn off the lights for 5 minutes!”
From Mrs. J Pearson,
Dorset UK.

Is “Miss Universe” legitimate?

Dear Sir:
Over all these years I have always wondered about one certain aspect concerning the so-called “Miss Universe” pageant. Might (or should, or must) the outcome be different if we discover intelligent life on another planet? Or will we still elect a human to carry this honour? I think it is arrogant to crown a human female “Miss Universe”. We could possibly crown her “Miss Earth”, even “Miss Moon” if we apply a very, very stretched definition. Of course, it goes without saying that I do not necessarily regard any current or past “Miss Universe” as an “intelligent life form”, although there might have been some exceptions. But, generally, she’d be a carbon-based life form at best.
Thomas Schmid
, Bangkok

Water problem an omen

I believe this water shortage in Pattaya is an omen of things to come. Pattaya, much like Las Vegas, Nevada is experiencing a mushrooming population and like Las Vegas, is now feeling the effects of that growth.

It would seem to be time to begin to consider building a desalinization plant for Pattaya. I for one see no other solution.
John Arnone

Pattaya infrastructure getting worse instead of better

We have just returned to England from another wonderful holiday in Pattaya. My partner and I have visited nearly every year for the past 15 years. We were most surprised at the condition of the pavements; mostly big holes that you have to walk onto the road to avoid or pipes sticking up suddenly. The Beach Road walk on the seaside that looked so nice when it was done is now a mess of sand and holes.

I have never complained about anything in Pattaya but after walking along the road that joins Beach Road at Walking Street to 2nd Road and the pavement suddenly collapsing, so my one leg was in a hole up to my knee, I thought it was worth mentioning. I was lucky that I did not end up in hospital.

It saddens me that the infrastructure of Pattaya seems to be getting worse instead of better. There seemed a time that things were improving to attract families and couples to the resort; it needs a lot of tidying up and a system of pedestrian crossings on the roads before this will happen.
Ms J Lees

At Last Home

By the side of a sea
I shall tire and retire, free to rest
By crashing wave and running swell
And often dream of other lands to whom this sea belongs
Somewhere coastal, with soft dawn, brightening for the new-born sun

At later times, my recalled youth will revel
in the upward stretch of glorious colour
with open-armed incandescent good-byes to parting day

I’ll shoreward cast a wistful eye
Returning to my Captain’s den, hoping for conviviality
Perhaps able to present someone with a fresh fish, and rest

Striving to preserve value in life - driven
by slam bang jangles from large black boxes
and fancy dance with party juice on ice – may be a special friend

To avoid white tiles and tucked in sheets,
The attentions of a painfully clean plain lady in her desalinated ward
The old salts impounded there, emasculated and witless
Better I decide for myself, when I ease myself down
and don’t want to get up again.

Jomtien Hotpapa

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