The Munch Snack

For large helpings of wholesome food

by Miss Terry Diner

A friend who has an office on Second Road told me about a restaurant that delivers their lunches. Inexpensive and good food and lashings of it, he told me, so we decided to take the Dining Out Team to try it.

Called the Munch Shack, it is on the right hand side inbound on Pattaya Second Road, exactly opposite Soi Pattayaland 2, that bewildering forest of neon signs and nubile young ladies!

The Munch Shack is under English management and has been on Second Road for the past 12 months (previously there was a Bangladeshi restaurant there).

Being a guest house and pub, it features eight rooms (from B. 350-650) and a bar at the rear of the restaurant area. There is also a pool table off to one side (free for diners) and a sit-up eatery at the front, looking out over the amazing sights of Pattayaland!

The main restaurant area has free-standing polished tables with bamboo slat place-mats and cushioned chairs. Several sauces are already on the tables, including HP, Worcestershire, tomato ketchup and the ilk, and other sauces and condiments come with dishes that require them, such as malt vinegar, mustards and mayonnaise.

The menu is selective, rather than being comprehensive, and is in both English and Thai. It commences with a dozen All Day Breakfasts. The Munch Shack offers these from B. 25, through to the most expensive ‘Super’ breakfast which has two eggs (scrambled or fried), sausages, back bacon, mushrooms, beans and coffee or tea with a free refill. There is even kow tom for those who want a true Thai breakfast.

Appetizers and soups are next, with shrimp cocktails at B. 75 and various soups for B. 55, other than goulash at B. 95. Soups come with freshly baked bread rolls.

Seven salads are up next, and the Munch Shack emphasized that all their food is fresh, being delivered each day from the markets. Salads range between B. 45-85.

A section just called Favorite Dishes (B. 150-200) includes (breaded) fish and chips and Chicken Maryland. These are followed by burgers (200 gram, we were told and served with french-fries) and sandwiches with the most expensive being B. 105.

Steaks range between B. 150-300 (for the T-bone), then spaghetti dishes at B. 85-95, omelets (B. 45-95) and baguettes and sandwiches (B. 25-75) and then a couple of pages of Thai favorites (all well under B. 100).

Local beers are available from B. 49 upwards, and there is even house wine.

Being a lunchtime foray, we did not go for starters, despite some looking very enticing, and Madame (of the large appetite) decided to go for the Chicken Maryland, while I (of the smaller appetite) chose the baguette with chicken.

The Chicken Maryland came with salad and french-fries and practically overflowed the large plate. For B. 150, it was a bargain even before Madame picked up her cutlery to begin eating. The chicken was delicately and correctly cooked, with the schnitzel neither greasy, nor dried out. Great value and great eating.

My baguette arrived at the same time, and really, it was enormous! Filled with shredded chicken breast meat and some salad, it was wrapped in a beautifully soft and tasty fresh bread roll. I had to recheck the menu to confirm that this only cost B. 45! It even came with its own bowl of mayonnaise.

There was no question about the value that the Munch Shack is offering. Very large portions and even Madame’s chosen cup of tea was extremely large as well. No demitasse here, but a big hot steaming mug!

This restaurant does not pretend to be anything other than a budget eatery, but it does offer great value and correctly cooked food. I can see why my friend’s office rings up for deliveries on a regular basis. Definitely well worth remembering, especially if you work in town. A great meal that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

The Munch Shack, Pub and Restaurant (and guest house), 194/7-8 Second Road, South Pattaya, telephone 038 421 741, website www.munchshack.com. Open 9 a.m. until midnight, seven days. Local deliveries catered for.