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HEADLINES [click on headline to view story]: 

Russian Ambassador visits the mayor

99 Service - Real Estate & Law Adviser Company opens its doors for business

Royal Wing & Spa named “Environmental Champion”

Asian Business Club celebrates one-year-anniversary

“Energize” Band returns to the Hard Rock Café

Thailand lovebirds catch Valentine’s fever

Valentine’s Day Tips on how To mend a broken heart…for dummies

Russian Ambassador visits the mayor

 H.E. Yevgdny V. Anasiev, the Russian ambassador for Thailand was in Pattaya earlier this week on a visit that was aimed at furthering relations between Pattaya and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Mayor Niran welcomes H.E. Yevgdny V. Anasiev and Khun Panga Vathanakul to city hall.

Panga Vathanakul, Russian honorary consul and Royal Cliff Beach Resort managing director accompanied the ambassador to greet the Mayor Niran Wattanasartsathorn.

The ambassador said that he was aware that Pattaya was a popular tourist destination for Russian nationals and that he would support and promote the city in anyway he could for the benefit and convenience of both the visitors and the local tourism economy.

99 Service - Real Estate & Law Adviser Company opens its doors for business

Ariyawat Nuamsawat

The 99 Service - Real Estate & Law Adviser Company located next to VC Hotel, South Pattaya opened its doors for business on January 30.

Nittaya Patimasongkroh (right) presents flowers to Robert Gobert (left), as Tawit Chaisawangwong and Thanet Supornsaharungsi, president of the Pattaya Business and Tourism Association (PBTA) look on.

Distinguished guests from the community including, Tawit Chaisawangwong, city council chairman who presided over the opening at which many local business personalities attended.

The company’s managing director, Roland Gobert, said, “There are two types of businesses that the company deals with, as a travel agent and as a real estate agent. The new venture is open for business 24 hours a day.

Royal Wing & Spa named “Environmental Champion”

The Royal Cliff Beach Resort has added another award to its ever-growing list of distinctions. This time, TUI AG Environmental Management, one of the world’s leading travel conglomerates awarded the Royal Wing & Spa, the 5-star plus flagship hotel of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort, the prestigious distinction of being the “Environmental Champion”.

The award came as a result of TUI’s evaluation measures and guests’ satisfaction judging “the Royal Cliff as one of the top 100 TUI Leisure hotels worldwide and the best in Thailand for its environmental awareness and its future-oriented management.”

Royal Cliff Beach Resort, which has always been on the forefront of implementing environmental protection measures, was the first hotel in Thailand to achieve the ISO14001 environmental certification.

Photo shows Panga Vathanakul (center) managing director of the Royal Cliff Beach Resort receiving the award from Dr. Wolf Micheal Iwand, (2nd left)Head of TUI AG Environmental. Alexander Haeusler (left), general manager, Nick Bauer (2nd right) resident manager of the Royal Wing and Choosakdi Sirivatjanapong (right) resident manager of the Royal Cliff Hotel witnessed the presentation.

Asian Business Club celebrates one-year-anniversary

Sunshine-party at the Art Caf้

Thomas Sassen

The Asian Business Club (ABC) under the leadership of Helmut Buchberger celebrated its first anniversary on January 30. A lunch buffet party was held around the pool of the Art Caf้ in Naklua and approximately 70 people came together.

Helmut’s daughter played together with many other children while the grown-ups gathered around the draught-beer bar.

ABC families enjoying thedelicious fare at Art Caf้.

In his speech, Helmut pointed out, that the ABC is meant to be a pure business club and not a charity organization. A network of businesspeople that want to make business in Thailand should be encouraged Already the club boasts 30 members and they all do business in this area.

Helmut Buchberger addresses members and guests at the party.

Since they are regular tax-payers, they are going to help indirectly the country to fulfill its social and welfare-duties. “Our club helps its members in many ways”, said Helmut. “The most important part is, to meet each other and from there start to deal with each other on a business level. Connections are very important to be successful. The club is supposed to work like a spider net.”

After his speech, all the guests enjoyed Art Cafe’s the delicious mediterranean buffet. With a lot of wheat-beer the barometer of the good mood was rising and the guests stayed on for a long while, chatting with each other. About what? Well, mostly business of course.

“Energize” Band returns to the Hard Rock Café

The “Energize” band, that first performed at Hard Rock Café Pattaya’s opening in October 2001 are back.

Each member of this Filipino show band is very versatile and diversified in his or her music. Be it pop, rock or jazz, from new wave to alternative, they can do it all. Their name and music was influenced by the energy of playing music with power. The energy from these seven different personalities and musical talents have made for exciting and entertaining performances at various venues at Hard Rock Café all over Asia, namely in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, China and Indonesia.

“Energize” values its rapport with the audiences and enables them to cater to the music taste of a wide range of audiences by their professionalism, versatility and crowd-pleasing music. “Energize” performs nightly from 9.15 p.m. to 00.45 a.m. except Thursdays.

Thailand lovebirds catch Valentine’s fever

By B. Phillip Webb Jr.

Feeling high and dry with no shopping to do now that the rainy season is not here yet? Worry not, Valentine’s day is here, providing plenty of opportunity for spending money.

Both foreign and local businesses strive to cash in on the passion that this special day creates. Greeting cards are the most popular from of spreading the love. Silk or hand painted cards from lovers to lovers range in price and quality.

A young Thai women selects a Valentine’s Day gift for her boyfriend. Both foreign and domestic businesses are vying to cash in on the newly imported passion.

Prices for foreign made cards are three to four Times higher than Thai cards. Flowers also cost a pretty penny for that “special person”.

Florists report that business is likely to increase fivefold during the course of the day, as Valentine’s consumer fever spreads throughout the country.

“Some customers have ordered flowers several weeks in advance because they were even afraid of the price increase and shortage of flowers,” said Khun Sontaya of the the Venus Flower Shop on South Pattaya Road.

After flowers, chocolates are the next favorite Valentine’s Day purchase. Though imported chocolate is preferred, heart shaped and chocolate covered cakes made by famous bakeries are also top sellers for their affordable prices.

One Belgian chocolate baker in Chonburi has even launched a campaign to boost its sales of hearts shaped chocolates further: “Valentine plus chocolate equals love.”

Souvenir shop owners are also armed and ready, having imported a good one month in advance. Most prices range between 80 baht ($2) and 1000 baht ($25).

“Heart shaped bells are the best, selling gifts these days,” said one souvenir shop owner on Central Pattaya Road. ‘Lover’s cups and lover’s picture frames are also popular, especially with students because these items are affordable.’

Eating and entertainment venues are also cashing in on the desire for romance and spending money.

Post dinner entertainment such as movies and music shows also bring in revenue on February 14.

One telephone company in Bangkok also provides, special lovebird services to sing their songs of love.

St. Valentine’s day is one that has been set aside over the years (without any particular historical significance) as Lover’s Day. We observe it with greeting cards and heart-shaped boxes of candy, and that is nice, but every day we ought to say…

My Valentine
I love you, darling, every day
Of every month and year
ndeed each golden hour you
Become more sweet and dear

But when the moment is at hand
For valentines and such
My feeling of affection has
An extra special touch

Because I think of all you mean
And all that love implies
And many more romantic stars
Illuminate the skies

I see a brighter sun by day
A softer moon at night
And in your own beloved eyes
There is a magic light

And so I say this sentiment
Forever old and new
That I adore you, darling, and
I love and treasure you.

B. Phillip Webb Jr.

Valentine’s Day Tips on how To mend a broken heart…for dummies

By The Urban Peasant

As Valentine’s Day approaches, hopeful lovers are in full swing once again, finding ways to make the best impression on their darlings.

Malls will be full of rosy sweetie candy colored memorabilia to woo their rosy sweetie candy but otherwise blue-eyed customers.

And, Walking Street will become “Walk of Love” for three days and three nights?! Give mE a BrEAk!

Well, all is fine and dandy, as far as fine and dandy goes, except most people do not realize the aftershocks from over expectation of “love”.

This is when one realizes shortly after, that the church on walking street was not so white, the dreamy eyed lover was actually drug-stoned on Prozac, and the Ice cupid does not last long in this heat.

Reading “Dear Hillary” in Pattaya Mail one can see a clearer picture of this.

“Dear Hillary, why is it that just when you think you are on top of things, whammo, along comes something to knock you right down again. Everything was going fine, had a nice girl, money in the bank and whammo! Girl gone, money gone. This is not the first time it’s happened either. What do I do to stop being bitten again?”

Needless to say how Hillary gave that poor man in question a bashing for his stupidity and how he should have been immune to such natural disasters by now.

But what I’m concerned here is not of the old pass-wind elbow benders, it is of the broken hearted rookies.

I’ve had friends crying on my shoulders and knees, on both sides. Children of friends, friends of children, relatives, neighbors, strangers, and weirdos, you name it.

For each person, the pain is real and enormous. It is as if the world is coming to an end.

It would be inconsiderate to say, “you’ll get over it”, “time heals all”, “it’s a lesson in life”, “if crying helps, do it, but not too loud, and not on my new shirt”, or “leave me alone”

One can only offer an ear, if on the phone, and both ears, otherwise.

Some suggestions can be carefully conveyed to deal with such depressions, especially during depressing Valentine’s Day when EVERYTHING kills them. Here are some useful advice you can give:

Before, during, and after Valentine’s Day:

-Do not walk pass by any pier, if it will remind you of how you once used to walk along it, sharing loving words in the breeze, swatting mosquito for each other.

-Do not go to the beaches if it will remind you of how you used to cuddle up on the sand, spending hours counting the stars in the Orion.

-Do not visit any bar you went with your loved one where you shared a bottle of beer and stale pop corns together.

-Do not go dancing either. Songs like “Simply the Best” and “YMCA” may tear you apart with memories

-Avoid Italian restaurants. Everything that used to be romantic will turn out to be depressing. From erotic paintings by Chagall, to the holy paintings from the Vatican City, to the house music “Sorrento”, to the bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil on the table. (I always believed that you are either virgin or you are not, but extra virgin? Touched before the very first time?)

-Do not stay home. Too many reminders. Poetic books, wooden camels, cocktail stirring sticks of heart shape and umbrella, teddy bear, Andre Rieu, all scattered around to give you nightmares

-Do not check your email so you will not know that nobody misses you

-Do not go Kara-o-ke-ing. Every song with the word “love” and “miss you” will break you

-Do not visit friends. They are out with their Valentines

-Do not call them at home either, because you will only be leaving messages on a machine that says, “This is Romeo, Sorry I cannot answer your call right now. I’m out with my Juliet. Leave your message and I’ll call you back around Christmas. If it’s urgent call my mobile phone. Thanks!” BEEP!

-Do not call their mobile phone after you receive a message like that. You will only hear “Sorry, the number you are dialing does not want to be connected”, or “Sorry, the number you are dialing had planned to be out of reach, leave them alone, loser!”

So what can a poor soul do on a sadistic Valentine’s Day?

Sit down and write your heart out to Hillary. Then before you even think of sending the mail to her, go out and buy a box of chocs and a bottle of cham. This will guarantee a minimum bashing from her.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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