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Pattaya should have a Hall of Fame for athletes

Begorrah! Irish Smiles at Pattaya Country Club

Peacock Indoors Bowling and Snooker Leagues

Pattaya Pool League

Dollhouse Softball team Pattaya is ready for the big league in Bangkok

Pattaya Pool League vs. Bangkok All-Stars

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Dave Lee just fails but wins

3 Sisters Golf

PSC Golf from the Rising Sun

Racing birds fly the coop

PSC Golf from Bobby Joe’s 60’s bar

The Square Ring

PH3 Run 1034


Pattaya should have a Hall of Fame for athletes

City to host first ASEAN Inter-games in 2005

Suchada Tupchai

Following the recent presentation of the International Olympic Committee of Thailand blazer to Mayor Pairat Sutithamrongsawat - symbolizing that Pattaya is now recognized as an international sports city - Ratnirund Peewsook, secretary and member of the National Olympic Committee in charge of mass sports activities, spoke with the Pattaya Mail concerning development plans for the city and the region. The interview was held shortly after the recent announcement of budget approval for the purchase of up to 150 rai of land to build an international sports stadium. In November 2005, Pattaya will host the first ASEAN Inter-games in this stadium.

Ratnirund Peewsook (right), Secretary of the Sport for All Commission, International Olympic Committee of Thailand presents the Olympic placard to Vithaya Khunpluem, (2nd left) Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and Sports and Chairman of the Chonburi Sports Association and Pairat Suthithamrongsawat (2nd right) Mayor of Pattaya. At left is Pol.Col. Siriroj Piansakul member of the Sport for All Commission, International Olympic Committee of Thailand.

Ratnirund said, “We are aware of Pattaya City’s intensive efforts to promote sports, not just on a local or national level, but also on the international circuit. The city has a policy of promoting sporting activities to the population enabling them to live a healthier lifestyle. The idea goes hand-in-hand with tourism, and since Pattaya is visited by many Thai and foreign tourists, it is fair to assume that the administration wants to greatly develop this area of interest.”

Ratnirund Peewsook (front, right), Secretary of the Sport for All Commission, leads the mass parade promoting sports and healthy lifestyle on Pattaya Beach Road, Sunday, December 21, 2003.

Providing a recent example, Ratnirund said, “Traditionally held in Pattaya, the Olympic Bang Saen-Pattaya Walk-run-racing and dance activity was a huge success this year. The event has spread out from Pattaya and is now held in Bang Saen and extended throughout the province and around the country. The history and custom that surround this event not only reflect its endurance and popularity, but also fall into line with HM the King’s actions and policies,” Ratnirund said.

Ratnirund went on to say, “The celebrations were organized to honor HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great,” whom through His dedication and achievements in sports led to the creation of Thailand’s National Sports Week.

H.M. the King has consistently encouraged all sportsmen and women everywhere to “put the sporting spirit first, strive for victory and friendship” and His own example has always been a great source of inspiration to athletes. Every sailor knows that His Majesty is a Gold Medal helmsman, winning the OK Dinghy Class in the South East Asian Peninsular Games, 36 years ago on the 16th of December 1967. This day is now celebrated as National Sports Day in the Kingdom. “December is a month for the national Sports Festival - and Pattaya is where it all began,” added Ratnirund.

On the subject of the proposed sport stadium in Pattaya, the Olympic committee member said, “The stadium is due to be completed in 2005 and will be the largest and most complete complex, set to international Olympic standards and able to hold a variety of competitive sports at a world -class level. It will be the first complex of its type in the region.”

The presentation of the International Olympic Committee of Thailand blazer to Pattaya’s mayor coincided with the annual exchange, but as Ratnirund put it, “The blazer is presented to athletes and those individuals that support sporting events in Thailand. The mayor is the most appropriate person to receive the jacket because his efforts in promoting sports in the city have been outstanding.”

He added that Pattaya has gained notoriety as a city for “Sea, Sand, Sun and Sex” and that the concentrated effort to change the fourth ‘S’ to Sports has been achieved with increased activities promoting a healthy lifestyle among residents.

“Pattaya has a high profile in many areas, including tourism and sports. The National Olympic Committee sees that the city is seeking to alter its identity and as part of that should have a symbol or monument to set it apart from other cities. For example, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, London has Big Ben, so why not introduce the idea of a sporting Hall of Fame as its symbol? … (Pattaya) should also hold regular sporting events to promote exercise so that in conjunction with the Hall of Fame, Pattaya has a healthy population and sets a shining example of a sports city.”

Ratnirund Peewsook went on to say that members of the National Olympic Committee are working hard on a daily basis and are endeavoring to make Pattaya a sporting destination. He added that Pattaya has grown rapidly and developed faster than any other city in the country. One of its great advantages is its proximity to Bangkok, and if resources are managed correctly, with the cooperation of residents, the dream of becoming a national and regional sporting center will one day become a reality.

Begorrah! Irish Smiles at Pattaya Country Club

The fourth annual IPGC Bunker Four-Man Team Scramble

Roy Mitchell and the Bunker Boys took the helm of the good ship IPGC Pattaya Golf Society and set a course for Pattaya Country Club on Tuesday, December 30, to celebrate the final “major” of the year, the Bunker annual Four-Man Team Scramble.

The winning team of Joe Carney, Jerry Power, Peter Ring and William Nolan, with Mr. Loy.

A hugely popular event, this year it drew a full house of twenty eight teams, and, as the course was well presented, a feast of fine golf lay ahead. The scramble format is simple, play team golf and enjoy the day! The pre-tournament favourites in the shape of Michael Dige, Anders Pedersen, Gerhard Schulze and Nora Haugsjordet certainly did that and used their long hitting to squeeze every centimetre out of the course, posting an early target of net 56.6 and whilst others came close nobody seriously threatened their score for two hours.

Stephen Beard and his team rued their misfortune on the greens, Bob Pearce and mates were optimistic that their 58.3 might gain them a place on the podium, but they were to be usurped by Bob van Mol, the Campbell boys and Brian Kelly, one full shot ahead. The penultimate group to return, the Irishmen, “they themselves”, Joe Carney, Jerry Power, Peter Ring and William Nolan, then returned to the clubhouse bearing a score of 55.1 to record a fine victory, by a large margin of 1.5 shots.

The day concluded with a sumptuous Presentation Buffet at the Bowling Green and Richard Livingston did everyone proud by applauding the contributions of the Bunker Belles, Mary Jones, Avis Hewitt, Barbara Cowling and Dawn Houlker and their work at registration, Anton and Kevin at the Bowling Green for their outstanding hospitality and Len Jones for his organisation and recording.

Technical prizes went to the long driving Michael Dige, Russell Finch and Nora Haugsjordet and the par-three accuracy of Joe Carney, Nora, Brian Kelly and Bob Patterson brought them another tranche of trophies.

The biggest cheer of the day was saved for the team of John and Kanjana Gregory, Paul Bartlett and Jack Hobbs as they received the Bunker Banana Booby for their high score and as the participants bade their farewells they took with them fond memories of the day. Everyone concluded it was the best Bunker Scramble yet and all were unanimous in declaring it the finest way in which a golfer could end the year.


1. 55.1; Joe Carney, Jerry Power, Peter Ring and William Nolan
2. 56.6; Michael Dige, Anders Pedersen, Gerhard Schulze and Nora Haugsjordet
3. 57.3; Bob van Mol, Doug and Mark Campbell, and Brian Kelly
Long Drives:
“A” Flight: Michael Dige; “B” Flight: Russel Finch; Ladies: Nora Haugsjordet
Near Pins:
Hole 5: Joe Carney; Hole 7: Nora Haugsjordet; Hole 12: Brian Kelly; Hole 16: Bob Patterson

Peacock Indoors Bowling and Snooker Leagues

Mixed Doubles had some more surprises over the Christmas period, Thaied bounced back to gain a closely fought battle against league leaders Yellowbirds 9-3, Double Trouble were 6-0 down but came back to beat Gin 7-6 and then went on to beat Love Nest 10-2. However, Love Nest got their own back with a 14-0 trouncing on the rematch to go top of the league.

Gin had their first win when downing the out of sorts Bakehouse 10-4 but then they had to suffer a tough one going down 23-4 to Peacock.

The ladies are very interesting, with Peacock Sue taking over the top spot with a 9-3 victory over Lek. Nid gave a 15-0 lesson to Danny Sue.

The snooker has a newcomer where George managed a 4 from 4 until meeting Bill - going down 60-35 in a close mean battle.

The leagues are:

Pattaya Pool League

Final League Standings (Monday, December 8, 2003)

The Pattaya Pool league finished in thrilling style with all divisions coming down to the wire. The results were as follows:
Division One Champions: The Lobby
Division Two Champions: Simple Simons Bar
Division Three Champions: The G Spot Bar
League Cup winners are The Angsana Bar who Beat The Barracuda bar.
New season started on Monday, January 5, with four divisions.

Tim of the Lobby Bar with Graham, the bar’s team captain and his team members.

Dollhouse Softball team Pattaya is ready for the big league in Bangkok

Dirk Brijs, Team Captain

This Sunday it was the turn to have a real good look at the Bangkok contingent of the team.

We went to the fields of the Hunter Team in Bangkok. Again not the whole team did assemble as we still wane keep the element of surprise in tact for the official start of the season. Last Sunday we assembled our infield, this week it was the turn for the Outfield players to show their skills.

As we arrived in Bangkok without an actual pitcher we borrowed one from the local team as our main purpose of this event was focused on outfield defense anyway. I don’t want to use the word but I must say the pitcher they gave us should go and look for a job in Soi 6, as I don’t believe any of the girls there would do a better job in s...

After many walks we did lose the first game with 14-13 with the winning run scored in the bottom of the 7th. 2nd game we did thanks for the pitching and one of our infielders took over the pitching (me). In the meanwhile some more people of our team showed up so we could actually field a full team. This showed right away. I even discovered I am able to actually pitch or this must have been beginners luck.

With a full team on the field now we could start steaming. Hunters did everything in their power to find holes in our defense but not one ball did touch the ground anymore in the outfield. After only 4 innings Hunters called in the game after the score was 31-2. Hunter’s coach challenged us for one last quick game with a one-pitch format. A fast game it would become indeed. As our bats kept swinging and with 7K on my account they pulled out their white flags again after 4 innings with the score board showing a score of 18-1.

All in all this day was a huge success and I strongly believe the Dollhouse Team Pattaya is ready for the big Leagues in Bangkok and even do some major damage there. Though we are still looking for more people to join Softball in Pattaya. So all you people out there who are interested please go and pay a visit to the Dollhouse on Walking Street as if you really needed an excuse to visit the best bar around in Pattaya. Or you can always contact me at [email protected] for more info.

Pattaya Pool League vs. Bangkok All-Stars

It has been decided to play a two leg match between a team representing the Pattaya Pool League and a Bangkok All-Star team. The first leg will be played in Bangkok on Saturday, January 17, 2004. A sixteen man team has already been chosen from the Pattaya league consisting of the best six players from division one and the best five players from division two and three.

We are organizing a coach trip up for the players and are inviting as many pool supporters to join in the tournament, which we believe will be a great success.

The outing will consist of the following:

Pick up by a luxury coach, which will have on-board toilet facilities and on-board video screen. (Approx. 10:30 am)

Check in at the appointed luxury hotel (Approx 1:00 pm)

Transport to venue “A”, which is a brand new appointed pool venue in Bangkok. The singles matches will take place here.

Round the corner to the Irish pub the Dubliner for a full roast buffet (Approx. 5:00 pm). The event is sponsored by Heineken and there will be loads of free give aways at the venue.

Back to the pool venue for the concluding doubles matches and the presentations of all the prizes etc.

The match should conclude at about 7:30 pm when it’s out to explore the night life of Bangkok.

Depart next day at 1:00 pm and back to Pattaya to celebrate or drown your sorrows.

Prices for the tickets are 2,500 each.

Please contact your local pool bar owner ASAP as ticket money has to be in by January 10, or contact Kevin from the Bowling Green 018655067 or Wayne from The Harley bar 071382101.

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday December 29, 2003

The Royal Thai Navy Course Plutaluang (South & East)

The Plutaluang South and East Layout were host for a Stableford Competition in two flights, A Flight 0 to 17 and B Flight 18 and above.

Celia Bosman, B Flight runner up

Roger Pidcock took the A Flight with an amazing 42 points, Bob Pearce was second with 40 points, Ted Morris was third with 38 points and in fourth was Paul Jordan with 36 points.

In the B Flight the winner was Herb Schweiterman with 40 points ahead of in second Celia Bosman with 38 points. In third was Ralf Zwick with 37 points and John Swanson was fourth with 36 points.

Near Pins: S4 Paul Jordan; S7 Ebrahim; E2 Herb Schweiterman; E5 Chuck Carriere

Long Puts: S9 Sandy; E9 Mike Gerrard

Herb Schweiterman, B Flight winner

Dave Lee just fails but wins

IPGC TAGGS Golf from The Haven

With most of the courses taking more than full advantage of the festive season to declare additional holiday days and increased rates it made for a shortened golf calendar for the golfers playing out of The Haven, but next week promises a full schedule and good courses including The Wayne Tischbern Memorial.

Friday, December 26
Noble Place

1st Division

1st: Mark Gorda, 38
2nd: Al Rolnik, 37
3rd: Mike Morris, 35

2nd Division

1st: Dave Lee, 41
2nd: Kenneth Priddy, 39
3rd: Rick Bevington, 36 cb9 18
4th: Norman Isherwood, 36 cb9 15

A long drive turned out to be well worthwhile for those that made the effort as Noble Place was in excellent condition and the cost is one of the best values in the area.

Mark Gorda took the first division by a single shot from Al Rolnik even after slumping over the back nine to the tune of 16 points, but just managed to hold off Al’s run over the closing holes that earned him 20 points.

Mike Morris took charge of third place with a workmanlike 35 points being not quite able to keep out of enough bunkers.

The second division was headed by Dave Lee, who had threatened to get his handicap down to 28 by Christmas, but just missed the deadline by a day. He swept ahead of the field with a great display of driving and managed to finish the round with the same ball that he started with for the first time in anyone’s memory.

Kenneth Priddy took his first podium position out of The Haven, claiming second ahead of Rick Bevington and Norman Isherwood both of whom had to be separated by count back.

The twos were shared between Mark Gorda and Al Rolnik.

Prior to the prize giving Richard Livingston, the resident PGA Professional, welcomed back Andrew and Steve Lockhart.

December 29
Siam Country Club
Monthly Medal

1st Division

1st: Dave Shaw, 73
2nd: Sven Berthlesen, 74 cb9 37
3rd: Serge Straeten, 74 cb9 40.5

2nd Division

1st: Kenny Moss, 72
2nd: Rick Bevington, 74 cb9 34.5
3rd: Paul Taylor, 74 cb9 35.5
4th: Brian Kelly, 74 cb9 37.5

Two first time winners emerged after a large field talked the oldest course in the area that is showing signs of great improvement with a special emphasis on the greens. They were Dave Shaw in the first division and Kenny Moss in the second. The rest of the prize winners all had to be separated by count back, all with a 74.

The days event was also the finals of the Gold and Silver medals open to all the winners of a monthly medal in the previous year.

Rick Bevington took the gold in the second division by count back from Paul Taylor with the latter getting the silver.

Serge Straeten went one better than last year, when he won the silver medal in the second division, by taking gold in the first division with Richard Garland winning the silver one shot behind.

With the course playing as hard as it was, it was not much of a surprise to find there was only one two achieved on the day and that was stroked in by Barry Traynor to sweep the large pool.

Before presenting the prizes, Richard welcomed new members David Jeffers and Mark Ryan and also welcomed back Sven Berthlesen.

3 Sisters Golf

Monday the 29th of December saw nearly 40 golfers for our Monday competition. The yearend scores were close but I think that the Christmas hangover was the reason that they were not as good as they should have been.

Three golfers were tied at 37 points - Danny Dyke managed to edge out Matt Kirkland on count back. Both had 19 points on the front and 18 on the back. Tying them was Chris John, also with 37 points.

A couple of golfers had very good front nines but blew out on the back to give the yearend trophy to Danny. Danny will also get his name on the large Three Sisters trophy as the month’s winner.

The geriatrics were again fighting for the bottom as Tully managed to get a hold of the cellar position again with 15 points. There were rumors that a couple of others may have been lower but did not stop by Caddy Shack Two to turn in their cards. “Come on guys, all cards should be turned in for handicap - good or bad.”

Rollie Weese gave Tully a scare but managed to recover on the back nine to score four shots better than Tully. All in all it was a good way to close out our year of golf.

Thanks to all of the participants of our Monday golf.

PSC Golf from the Rising Sun

December Monthly Report

Winner, Name, Course Hcp Score

Tuesday 2, Pattaya CC
1st Mick Benton  20  33
2nd Allan Hayward  16  32
Thursday 4, Khao Kheow
1st Granville Swanton  18  38
2nd Dave Hughes  20  34
Tuesday 9, Eastern Star
Matt Anderson, A Flight  15  37
Trevor Sharman, B Flight  19  35
Bob Wells, C Flight  28  28
Thursday 11, Khao Kheow A&B Yellow
1st Mick Benton  20  40
2nd Allan Hayward  16  37
3rd Brian Walker  18  36
Tuesday 16, Green Valley
1st Robin Wilkin  12  37
2nd Matt Anderson  15  36
Thursday 18, Bangpra
1st Granville Swanron  16  36
2nd Allan Hayward  16  34
Tuesday 23, Eastern Star
Pat Merchant (L), A Flight  14  35
Dave Merchant, B Flight 20 35
Thursday 25, Pattaya CC
1st Dave Hughes  22  41
2nd Allan Hayward  16  32
Thursday 30, Navy
Rab McDonald, A Flight  11  35
Brian Cooper, B Flight  27  34
Kenny Chung, C Flight  28+  20

Racing birds fly the coop

Thai racing pigeon club greets 2004 with the Rayong Thai-Inter competition

Thailand’s pigeon racing club began the first rounds of racing last month in the lead-up to 2004’s inaugural race from Chiangmai to Rayong, a distance of 689 kilometers on January 11.

The start of the Rayong Thai-Inter pigeon racing competition, a three stage event, began with birds from the Sugar Hut team and the Nong Nooch team wining it into the top spots for the first two rounds held on December 14 from Sapanhin to Rayong (374 kms) and then from Uttaradit to Rayong (531 kms) on December 28.

Each of the teams participating in the events is allowed to use 5 birds in the race with teams vying for top bird with the ACE pigeon prize of 50,000 baht in cash.

Dr. Sunya Viravadhya with his winning pigeon.

The upcoming race on January 11 will see another set of bids released from Chiangmai at 8 a.m. where they will fly due south, set to arrive in Rayong the same evening at the Bumroong Resort in Rayong.

The first round saw the pigeons from team Sugar hut, owned by Dr. Sunya Viravadhya taking the top five spots. A total of over 420 birds are set to make their way from the far north on January 11 for the competition.

PSC Golf from Bobby Joe’s 60’s bar

Friday January 2
Noble Place

Another day, another year and another 60’s Bar trip to Noble Place, and as is usual this time of year so many players that we had to double the number of tee times.

Tim Holt presents to the technical winners.

The day started as normal and as I went across to Bobby’s at 7:45 am I was amazed to find several players waiting outside to start the day early. Whilst Bobby’s free breakfasts are pretty O.K, fancy getting out of bed in the middle of the night to be first in the queue.

Whilst I tasked them with this, it seems I was wrong as the justifications came in several forms, from couldn’t sleep to I’ve been up all night waiting for my breakfast. Well we know better!

Anyway, finally fed and watered, the transport left for Noble Place and the long haul up 331 to find the course fairly full, but surprisingly we were allowed to tee off on both the A Course and the B Course, which lead to faster completion of the competition. Of course we were struggling at times behind many balls but it could have been worse.

Runner ups Tony Moore, Cees Bosman, Fred Land are presented by Tim Holt.

As we had so many players we also split into three flights, but as usual, in the word of one well known T.V Show, ‘The points don’t matter’. Well they do for the winner but the day is the thing.

Fine day on a fine course, drying out a bit now and still playing well, but getting more difficult to get the ball off the ground and chipping becoming more difficult as the grass dries up. After the round the restaurant was well worth a visit, being clean, basic, tasty food and good value. And the beer was cold.

Flight winners Maurice Herberge, Alan Sullivan, Max Matthews with Tim Holt.

The road on the way back was surprisingly quiet, I wonder if they knew I was driving, and we made good time. In fact it seemed that several different ways back were tried and on all the reports were good.

Back at the 60’s Bar the food was already laid out, as the trips to the outer courses tend to return later, and as usual the food was deemed a success, Bobby being a fine chef. Don’t really understand what it was but ‘black eyed peas’ was mentioned. Fish, chips and mushy peas I understand.

Just relaxing with cold beer and good food at the 60’s bar.

After much discussion and as Bobby had not waited for the first golfer back the decision was taken to have Tim Holt do the presentation as he has been strangely absent from the winners circle and we were concerned he may be suffering from ‘Ex Most Photographed Withdrawal Syndrome’. Having of late, having to assist at the rehab of Bob Benda we do not want the problem again, nothing is more annoying than to have to buy your own beer.

A Flight Winner: Maurice Herberge; Second: Tony Moore

B Flight Winner: Alan Sullivan; Second: Cees Bosman

C Flight Winner: Max Matthews; Second: Fred Land

Near Pins: Andy Evans, Chuck Chan, Oili Heering, Maurice Herberge, Eric O’Brien, Jeff Wylie, Tony Moore

Lucky Draw: Derek Brook, Nick Kels, Michael John Paul, Dave Spendy, Kevin Dunne.

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

The “The Square Ring” travels around the world each week thanks to the world wide web. Sometimes it hits a responsive cord and sometimes it just lays there like a bad meal. Last week’s did a little of both. One comment came from a lady in the USA, “this article is a masterpiece!” As honesty must prevail she suggested that I had made a New Years resolution. “Did you make a New Year’s resolution to type better? Or do you now have a ‘ghost’ typist’? This is very well done - no typos, correct punctuation, etc. It looks lovely!” The credit goes to my long suffering editors. A gentleman in Canada wrote what was one of the most profound notes I’ve received in some time. While I can’t reproduce the entire communication some must be shared.

“Boxing is not the mainstream sport like football, baseball, and hockey in Canada or soccer everywhere else. It always will be one of the sports that comes up and grabs you every once in a while with an exciting match-up. Die hards like me (the gentleman is a trainer) just keep going to the gym and going to the fights. We won’t go away. We’ll bitch and moan but keep plugging away. Just when we’re about to say ‘that’s it’ a new kid comes into the gym and gets you all fired up. You remember why you love the game.” Yes you do. Let’s drink to that!

A triple world title event was held on January 3 in Japan at a couple of different venues. The Thai interest was WBC flyweight champ Pongsaklek Wonjongkam Kratindaeng-Gym. Many boxing experts think he’s the best in the world. At least that’s what I’ve written, some feel ad nausea. I felt that the champ should have little trouble dispatching ‘Trash’ Masaki Nakanuma (23-4, 10 KOs). In press accounts Trash is described as “a flamboyant puncher”. That translates into real speak as a “wild puncher”. The fight in Yokohama, was somewhat of a surprise as Kratindaeng-Gym (50-2, 27 KOs), had some problems in defending his title against “Trash” (now 23-5, 10 KOs).

In the end the ring generalship of the champ prevailed to supply a unanimous decision. Judge Malcolm Bulner (Australia) 116-112, Jaebong Kim (Korea) 116-113 and Chuck Williams (US) 115-113. Probably would have been closer with a judge from Japan. Seems the champ had some trouble hauling out the ‘Trash’.

Interesting match up last Sunday (Pattaya Time) at the Foxwoods Casino in Mashantaucket, CT, USA. Uzbekistani “King” Artur Grigorian (36-0) not only wanted to get to 37-0, he wanted to annex the WBO Lightweight title held by Brazilian Acelino ‘Popo’ Freitas (34-0). ‘Popo’ was coming off a less than simulating performance against Jorge Barrios in his last. There were reports that he was having “women problems”. Been there, done that but never got the T Shirt. Freitas was in trouble before a 12 TKO saved his title. Gone was the power and excitement that had become a trademark of the Flamboyant Brazilian. His performance lacked the alacrity of his previous 33 wins. He was a BIG favorite to hold his title. “If he leaves it that late against the me he could be in trouble,” said the King. Arthur. Twas a thought but it didn’t happen. Acelino Freitas led from bell to bell winning an easy UD (115-108, 116-107, 116-107) over the previously undefeated King Arthur. There were four “official” knockdowns scored by Freitas, three were as bogus as a dancer promise of undying love. American Referee Eddie Cotton didn’t have one of his better nights but then neither did either fighter. Had Grigorian pulled out the win it would have given him 18 lightweight title defenses without a loss. That would have tied the great Benny Leonard.

Freitas now has 10 days to decide whether to keep the WBO lightweight or Jr. lightweight title.

Pattaya had a big time fight day “On the beach”. Wasn’t there but do have partial result. This from our reporter Patrick the Flying Frog. “Her last fight was December 15 in Theprasit Stadium. Yesterday (December 28 “On the Beach”) she won again with stopping the fight in the third and this time against a Thai guy named Kai, 21 years old! The first round was kind of even and the second she went down and counted 8, caused by a knee kick in the stomach. She blocked a side kick with her knee, did Kai lose his balance and wipes his feets from the canvas, his first knock down, he was hurt (cause they always laugh) and she continued with side kicks on his legs until he couldn’t stand no more and the referee stopped the fight in the third round. Another victory in Thai boxing. We will continue in English boxing.”

Now remember I wrote “partial” result. Well it was no name and only one fight. If anything succeeds as “partial result” that report did. I’ll drink to that.

I hardly ever mention Muay Thai in this space due to the one incontrovertible fact, I don’t know “Jack Squat” (or any of the other Squat Family) about the sport. There are those out there that can make the argument, with a great deal of validity, that I don’t know a lot about boxing either. With those parameters I would type that “Siraphop Ratanasuban, son of a Muay Thai promoter, took an all Thai team to partake in a all Muay Thai gala in the Czech Republic. I was wondering if he ran into the “Bum Check” that many business owners complain of?

Only 9 days into ’04 but the rumor mill has been working overtime. Try this one on for size. March 20 in Puerto Rico Wladimir Klitscho (42-2) vs. Lemon Brewster (29-2) for the WBO heavy title, Chris Byrd (37-2) defending the IBF crown against any heavyweight that can leave a mist on a mirror and WBA Champ John Ruiz (39-5) defending against Fres Oquendo (24-2)who falls down a lot. The maraschino on this delicious delight? It would be the return of Felix Trinidad against someone who’d get KO’D. How about them apples?

PH3 Run 1034

I don’t like Mondays! Who said that? Sir Bob Geldoff. Huh, obviously not a hash man. Fini The Faggot said if you don’t like Mondays go take a running jump. Jim Morrison (Mr Mojo Rising) whilst standing on the balcony of the 30th floor of a Manhattan Hotel said ‘Fancy a jump’. Flying Frog remarked ‘If you want to learn how to jump I can teach you.’ Sir Airhead and the Erdinger boys yelled Mondays, Mondays, Hot dog, Hot dog, ‘Get a haircut and get a real job’ - who sang that? Keith Richards uttered, ‘Mondays, Mondays, they’re all the same to me.’ VV never a man to mince his words said, ‘you’re all talking a load - Let’s run.’ And run we did from a great A-site.

The original elevated real hash helicopter pad in the jungle. Our old age prehistoric bus plus its brand new buddy had difficulty in turning round on the narrow jungle path; they seemed to almost disappear into the oncoming sunset before returning.

125 sign ups today. A motley crew all ready for something. I wonder what? A tough run, uphill, down dale. Why do Norwegians always want to go uphill? Anybody got an answer? A little bit dusty, real dirt, good checks, altogether considered a good run, but not a course to follow in the rainy season.

Back at camp, our friends from Norway, Mr John was serving some home made food and lone policeman Sea Eagle dispensing some unusual draft beer, thanks lads a great effort.

Charlie Manson calls the circle and is a little concerned about having only one lone policeman on the beer truck, any volunteers? None, lets work together, Luc Janssen Sea Eagle carries on the task alone. Because Ewok was on the disappearing act and Dr. Pinky was resting after handling the large number of sign ups on site. (Is this a good idea)? Energizer Bunny conducts the raffle. Bunny speaks excellent English, but she can’t say the word three, ok three fingers in the air will do. It would be good fun if she could not say two. Free Willy wins again - why? How does he do it? Energizer Bunny gave me the best quote of the month - ‘If you don’t win you can come home with me.’ I’ve never won in two years man!

Sir Airhead commands Mr Marlborough to position himself on the ice and gives him a good verbal thrashing. This man is not wearing a hash shirt. A most serious offence. I think we should create a new mandatory punishment for this offence. Just taking a seat is too lenient. Anybody got any ideas? The man got a double down down for his crime.

Extra cold holy water for a guy and a gal who were named ‘Homeless Jackson’ and ‘Candy Lady’. A cash collection was taken for Khun Lek to assist in her never ending charity work. Lots of mobile phones were shooting off in the circle, how about banning them Charlie? A-H., nobody seems to like you pal, but I guess we have to put up with you. The only man who really seems to enjoy himself, Nev seems to take great pleasure in being ‘hash s**t’ for at least six months. A new novelty. Ladies not born in Thailand take the circle. Sexy Lady from Dubai seems to enjoy herself. Maybe a good idea for the future.

The air is alive with the sound of music, Sir Chicken F. gives us his own rendition of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Cucumbers and all. Followed by the holy choir singing Jingle Balls Rock. A real Christmas flavour. Where’s last weeks mince pies?

After the closing hymn it’s a quick drive back to town and fun and games at the TQ 1 bar. Thanks Woody and staff for the usual goodies plus the best rock and roll music in Pattaya.

So another year comes to an end and what have we got? We’ve lost one or two good guys to the big A-site in the sky. Also a few balloon bar cheap Charlies have also hit the road. You know those guys whose prime occupation was to eat and drink as much as possible for the expenditure of only 300 baht. Good riddance. If they return, Needle D. informs me that he has a special extra large posterior bender acupuncture needle ready and waiting. Democracy rules - okay (Erdinger proverb).

Let’s thank a few people and raise our glasses to some guys and gals for their presence on this earth. Sir Airhead, C.F., Sir Chicken F., Dr. Pinky and the other members of the mis-management team whose backroom work and dedication to the hash holds this club together and keeps the show on the road. Uncle Fester, Sir Airhead, C.F., Charlie Manson, for sometimes making us laugh. George Bush, Saddam Hussein, Michael Jackson, Hammer and F-troop for making us cry. The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Muddy Waters, Jazzer and Banjo for some great music. The lovely Ewok for conducting the raffle most weeks in her usual business like manner. Khun Lek for her unselfish work in trying to help the less fortunate of this world. Remember a recent report by the Smithsonian Institute in the states reported, that after a hard afternoons running and drinking, the best dietary supplement available was either a ‘Lek hot dog’ or a ‘Lek bacon sandwich’ this is important, tests prove it, don’t forget. Messrs: Nike, Adidas, Reebok, New balance, Brookes, Puma for keeping our soles together. Karamba for being Karamba. Flying Frog, Free Willy and Lord Lucan for some of the best runs of the year. I thought last weeks run by Free Willy was a ‘cracker’. The beautiful Star Trek for just being so beautiful. Miserable C. and myself for being so ugly and thousands more who shall remain nameless. To those of you who have had a great year 2003 I hope that year 2004 is even better. To those people who like myself have had a tough year remember - When you’ve got so doggone low, it looks like up for me (Jim Morrison). Have a really great new year.

For those of you who suffer hangover problems, I recommend the following: A four day crash diet of raw liver and onions, washed down with a glass of Tabasco, 40 press ups every hour with a lighted cigarette pushed up each nostril and a course of needles and pins from our very own Needle D. To all you guys who like myself are having woman problems, please note: Here you come baby with your face dragging the gravy, y’know your P’s and Q’s, but woman what you don’t know, is you’re giving me the blues, I’m gonna grow Finns and get back in the water again, and leave all you land loving women alone - land loving women alone. Have a fantastic ‘swiz’ new year, just think in 7 days time it will be Monday again. Hope to see all you ‘hip’ people then.
Hannibal Lecter

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