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Bob Pearce strikes gold at Plutaluang

PSC Christmas Party

PH3 Run 1027

The Square Ring

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A new club is born

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England wins the 1st Lions World Team Golf Tournament

Fletcher secures back-to-back Shenanigans win for Rudd

Neil Griffin is the first of the few

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Jim Wickstrom wins Medal in own backyard

Mo Bertrand excels

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Bob Pearce strikes gold at Plutaluang

5th Diana Gold Charity Golf Tournament

Mike Franklin

Bob Pearce carded a ‘career best’ net 62 at Plutaluang to win the 2003, 5th Diana Gold Charity Golf Tournament on Friday November 14.

A record field of 174 golfers teed off at East #1 from 7:30 am in the quest for the 23 One Baht Gold technical prizes set out on the East and South courses, and the stroke-play challenge to win Divisional honors. It was a fine breezy day on courses looking their best, and in conditions ideal for good scoring. This certainly proved to be the case, as all the division place winners returned scores below par.

Bob Pearce (2nd right), winner of the 5th Diana Gold Charity Golf Tournament receives the trophies from Thammanoon Singsai (2nd left) and Mike Franklin (right), while Sopin Thappajug (left) looks on.

Maren Leadstone, here with Ken on a brief visit from Nigeria, topped the Ladies division with a net 65, winning on a two-way count-back from Moon Schwelera and Patcharee Kulsai, also with net 65.

Bernie Tuppin, PSC Charity Chairman, taps in the ball at the challenging Plutaluang Golf course.

Scores were more straightforward with the men in Division III, and Peter Groves winning with a net 67. Division II required a count-back for runner-up with Steve Ryser and Herb Schwieterman both scoring net 71, and Herb narrowly taking the runner-up spot. Alan Pearce returned a net 67 to win Division II.

On behalf of the Chonburi Juvenile and Family Court, Thammanoon Singsai (center), the chief judge, expresses words of gratitude to the organizers, sponsors and all of the people involved especially the golfers, without whom this event wouldn’t have been such a great success.

Division I produced fine scores with Sema taking 2nd Runner-up spot with a net 65. Pitchayud Turated and Hans Collett both had a net 64 with Hans winning on count-back. Sema, playing off an 8 handicap, shot a gross 73 off the stick and deservedly claimed the Low Gross trophy.

20 scholarships were presented by the organizers to the selected 20 students of the Banglamung School.

However, Bob Pearce, off a 15 handicap, was two shots clear of the field with a gross 77 and net 62 to become Diana Gold Champion for 2003.

The One Baht Gold technical prizes were well contested and full results, with the name of the hole sponsor and technical task, are detailed below. The winners were widely spread, but best of the day came from Mam Trayling winning two - the Near Pin on East #2 and Straight Drive on South #8. Mike Murphy also claimed two with the Long Putt on East #9 and the Near Pin on South #4. He almost had a hole-in-one, as his ball pitched in the cup but bounced out. He also paid the 100 baht for the Chivas Regal Charity shot and, by making the Chivas circle, received a bottle of the amber liquid.

Nitthi Kongkrut (2nd right) draws the grand prize while Mike Franklin (2nd left) emcees in English and Tony Malhotra (right) translated into Thai, Komsan (left) assists the procedures.

The Division III Long Drive technical on South #8 was unfortunately aborted as a Division I player entered his name on the card. The gold, sponsored by Somsak Furniture, was later put into the Charity Draw.

Darkness came quickly at 6:00 pm and too quickly for a few of the later players. A delay had been caused by some earlier slow play on the course that backed up to the 1st Tee, causing some later groups to tee-off late.

Lewis ‘Woody’ Underwood (right) presented the gold prizes on behalf of the Jesters Motorcycle club and Tahitian Queen to the lucky winners.

Apres-golf, on a fine evening, was back at the Diana Garden Resort & Driving Range with a splendid outdoor buffet from 6.00 pm outside the Green Garden, and the stage set for live music and the prize-giving ceremony. Proceedings began shortly after 7:30 pm with co-emcees Mike Franklin and Tony Malhotra doing a now familiar English/Thai double act.

In their opening remarks the benefiting charities were announced as those concerned with children’s care and education, namely Banglamung Schools and 20 children who will receive scholarships. Secondly, the Chonburi Juvenile and Family Court Observation & Protection Center, an establishment that cares for boys and girls who have been through the Court and are on remand, mainly on drug related charges.

Sopin Thappajug, in addition to being Chief Executive Officer of the Diana Group, is an Associate Judge at the Chonburi Juvenile and Family Court.

Sopin Thappajug, in addition to being Chief Executive Officer of the Diana Group, is an Associate Judge at the Chonburi Juvenile and Family Court. Distinguished guests were formally welcomed, firstly Thammanoon Singsai , Chief Judge from the Court, together with Vitsanu Prasomsab Director of Banglamung Schools; Nitthi Kongkrut, Director of TAT Pattaya Middle Region 3; Mr. Peter Malhotra, Managing Director of Pattaya Mail; Pilot Officer Pathom Wattanaphuti, associate Judge from the Court; Anand Srisamran, associate Judge from the Court; Worapoj Chiewpradit, associate Judge from the Court.

The scholarships to Banglamung schools were presented first of all to Vitsanu Prasonsab, with the 20 children receiving them present in front of the stage.

Thanks were then duly expressed to Chivas Regal for their valuable sponsorship, to the 23 companies and individuals who sponsored the Technical ‘One Baht Gold’ prizes and to the Lucky Charity Draw contributors, all to be credited as the awards are made. Grateful thanks too, for the essential support in organizing and running the tournament, to Diana Group Management; Terry Sylvester who cheerfully carried out the arduous task of teeing-off 174 golfers; Tony Stevens and Terry for the scoring; Nok and the Diana Group staff who manned Registration, the South #4 Chivas Regal Charity Hole, and generally were anywhere needed; and last, but not least, Lt. Aree Yearkyen R.T.N. for his co-operation and excellent service provided by the Navy Golf Course.

Then followed the presentation of trophies to the four Divisions described earlier, the eagerly awaited winners of the gold Technical prizes, and finally the presentation to the overall winner, Bob Pearce who received the 2003 Champion’s Trophy and One Baht Gold from the Diana Group.

The evening concluded with the Charity Lucky Draw featuring prizes contributed by Sriracha Tiger Zoo; SNJ Company; Pattaya City Golf, and more gold from Krissana Laundry, Jareon Bakery and Suppamit Store. Shenanigans topped the list with a ‘Free Carvery Every Week for a Year’ valued at a cool 20,000 baht!

And finally, the presentation to the Chief Judge of the Chonburi Juvenile & Family Court Observation and Protection Center by Sopin Thappajug and distinguished guests. Chief Judge Thammanoon Singsai gratefully received a cheque for over 134,000 baht towards projects at the Chonburi Center that the Diana Group will visit in due course.

A fine day, a good day’s golf, a great party back at the Diana Garden Resort & Driving Range, plenty of gold for the players and a valuable contribution to the nominated charities.

Back in 2004 on Friday November 12 for more Diana Gold Charity Golf.

PSC Christmas Party

The annual Christmas party is now being arranged; hopefully it will be the best one yet.

There will be an International buffet, lots of spirits, beer and of course the fabulous lottery consisting of Gold as well as many other nice prizes.

The party will again be held at the Town In Town Hotel, doors open at 7 pm on Wednesday December 17. A nominal charge for members is 300 baht, members are allowed to bring one guest at a charge of 600 baht. The reason for limiting members to one guest is that we expect a full house and do not want to turn members away.

Tickets are required and will be on sale at the Pattaya Sports Club office starting on Monday December 1 through the December 16, unless sold out. Please bring your valid PSC card when purchasing tickets.

PH3 Run 1027

Loy Krathong Run

First of all I have to buy a new pair of shoes, where can I find shoes size 47Eu, 121/2 Uk in Pattaya? Big-C at a cost of 2,600 baht! Rotating GM or spinning GM, I volunteered to be the GM for the day and I also volunteered to be the scribe for the day. At 15:15 hrs. I arrived at Scandi bar - bugger, the sign up was changed as from this week: sign up at the A-site! I waited at Dr. Pinky’s chair and of course people were coming down to Scandi bar to sign up as they had for the last 5 years, I instructed them to go straight to the front of the Lek Hotel and wait for the bus. At the A-site Dr. Pinky had his own table and proudly did all the sign ups. As a tradition at Ph3 we always start the circle by blessing new shoes and there were three of us. Today’s hares JS The Es & Banjo informed us that the run would not be longer than 45 minutes, so that we would all be safely back before sunset.

The run itself was a quite normal PH3 run except for the Back checks; which didn’t give us any problem at all. Overall it was a short but nice run. Well done hares.

Sunset was setting in and I formed a new circle. It was our Loy Krathong run and we had competitions for best dressed Loy Krathong woman, best homemade Krathong and most Thai-style dressed male. Banjo suggested that we should let our visitors decide who the best dressed woman was - a great idea. There were four participants, Flipper, Rottweiler, Old Speckled Han and Energizer Bunny. After a couple of minutes the visitors decided that the delighted Khun Flipper was the best dressed woman and she won a bottle of whisky, in the background her husband Free Willy was lost in his own mind.

Next in line was best Thai-style dressed male and I handed the circle over to Sir C.F. Between Sir Airhead, Js The Es, Banjo, Free Willy and myself, Sir C.F. decided that Js The Es was the most stylish male, and he won some toys, to add to his collection. I then handed the circle over to Sir Airhead to decide who had made the best Krathong. All shop-bought Krathongs were quickly ruled out of the game and there were only three left, one huge one and two smaller ones. The huge one was very nice but had a foam bottom and was quickly rejected. One of the smaller ones had plastic flowers and was also rejected. That left an original home-made Krathong with a bottom made from a banana tree and with a delicious scent of roses. The winner was once again the delighted Khun Flipper and another bottle of Whisky. Very well done Khun Flipper.

Back to ordinary Monday business and the returners were called into the circle and given a down down, including Steamy lump our good RA.

Time for some religion, Sir Airhead iced 1/4 Pounder with Cheese and Js The Es, for what I don’t know. The circle was handed over to the good RA Steamy lump and Sir Airhead was promptly iced for being a founder of the Airheads club in USA. Aren’t all Americans Airheads?

Anniversary time! Midnight Star, three years old and already done 50 runs, poor girl. Nineteen years of hashing and 200 runs Steamy lump, at least he’s got a life. Five-hare hats were handed out to Banjo the music man and Two Time. Well done to all of you. Hash trash is a serious crime and Icy Davidson was released from his hash trash and I gave the hat to our Hash Flash Tampax who just threw his film box on the ground, when will you guys learn? Keep Thailand clean throw your garbage into Cambodia!

The end of the evening was quickly approaching and time for the hare song. Banjo and Js The Es had written what we thought was a very good hare song and of course Banjo once again had brought his guitar with him. Hash Hymn Swing low and all the hashers went to Ola La La, I went to Copenhagen bar and had a wonderful goose steak, a Scandi tradition this time of year.

On On
Charlie Handsome

The Square Ring

by Howie Reed

As the Kingdom of Thailand withstood a visit from the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Anna Kournikova in the same week what chance did Australian WBC #1 Hussein Hussein (23-1) have of beating WBC flyweight champion Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (49-2) last Friday? None. If that weren’t enough no Thai Champion had ever lost his title fighting at Lumpini. After having a dodgy problem making weight Womjongkam let it go from “Let’s Get it On” to the final bell.

The judges scoring on the “let’s give the loser a few rounds system” was unanimously for the Champ. Oklahoma’s Gary Ritter 116-111, Bob Logist of Belgium 117-111 and from the Land of the Rising Sun and Falling Yen Takeaka Kanaya had it 117-113. Well maybe those were the scores. The Square Ring’s correspondent in Bangkok, BJ Clark, did the reporting: “Since everything (the scores) were in Thai I would not bet my life on them. I am sure of one thing though; they did not say “I love you no bull stuff”. Thanks, Bobby Joe. And now for the rest of the story.

Pattaya resident O.R. Cross has his view of the fight. “Hi Howie: The hard thing about watching televised fights here is the interminable length of speeches in the ring by wannabe important people. Would it be impolite to keep your fighter in the dressing room staying warm until all of the windbags had finished pontificating and handing cases of motor oil to the Thai? (NO).

Anyway, not a bad fight but not a great one. For the first few rounds Hussein was fighting with a peek-a-boo defense ala Floyd Patterson. He paid the price with some good body shots from Pongsaklek. I gave Hussein rounds 3, 6, 8 and 12. The Thai was just a shade faster, smarter and the greater number of fights he has had was evident in his other ring skills. The knockdown in round 11, I thought it was from a right hook (isn’t that correct for a southpaw?) but somebody later said it was a left. Don’t forget that your arrogant Pattaya correspondent was watching it through 77+ year old eyes and may have blinked or fallen asleep.

I scored it 118-111 but might have been swayed a bit after the horrible rendition of the Aussie national anthem by Hussein’s group.

Sounded like the Saturday night sing-a-long on Fred Huff’s front porch (Nevada Sidewalk on Soi Post Office) after all the Chivas has disappeared.”

O.R. added a PS, “Thought the Jones/Tarver fight was just so-so and not as much fun to watch as the girls at Super Baby”.

While Pongsaklek Wonjongkam (49-2) was wowing them with his big win over Hussein Hussein (23-1), good old fun loving Andy “The Foul Pole” Golota (38-4) got the second win on his comeback trail. This time he KO’d Terrence Lewis (32-14). Question: “Can you have a comeback if you don’t know where it is that you’ve been?” Just axing.

What I touted as fight of the year, maybe, between Marco Antonio Barrera (57-3) vs. Manny Pacquiao (37-2-1) turned into a barnburner. Whoa Nelly was it some kind of fight. The “new” Philippine Flash, Manny Pacquiao (38-2-1), dismantled Marco Antonio Barrera (57-4) before 10,127 fans at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Texas. In addition he had a worldwide TV audience in which to display his skills. The end for the fighter considered as the ‘best at 125", Marco Antonio Barerra, came at 2:56 of round 11 when his corner asked Larry “The Clown” Cole, the referee, to stop the “Pac Man’s” onslaught. Pacquiao took control from the opening bell landing lefts at will on a completely discombobulated Barrera. Had referee Cole not ruled that Pacquiao had been knocked down in the first he would have won all 10 rounds. The Magnificent Manilian put Barrera down in the third and again in the 6th. The latter knockdown was missed by referee Cole.

The definitive words on the fight come from Patrick, the Flying Frog of Pattaya Beach: “Waw, what a beating Barrera had from Pacquiao, he couldn’t get a chance to hit Pacquiao. Pacquiao is the new featherweight King, believe me. Long time ago I saw real boxing again, thanks Pacquiao, may God bless you big time! I would like to see Pacquiao against camel rider Hasseem, I give Hasseem 2 rounds, 1 to piss in his paints and the 2nd round to run away back to the Sahara desserts, where he belongs.” How about them apples?

Oscar Larios (49-3-1) is the WBC Jr. Featherweight Champ. His style has “Mexican” stamped all over it. He is tougher than a Teelock fighting over a Purple Note. He’s invited Napopol Kiattisakchocchoi (22-1) into the fabled Olympic Auditorium in Los Angles for a shot at his title tomorrow night. Good luck. Southern California expats know that the Olympic is the home of Mexicans fighters. Napopol has built his record mostly at home (Thailand) against hand picked opponents. If the shock of LA and the Olympic don’t get the likeable Thai then Larios probably will. Good learning experience for Napopol. He could learn more though by doing what Pacquiao does by training for all his fights in the USA. Why? The same reasons that John Dillinger robbed banks. That’s where the money is...

Next Thursday there’s an interesting card on tap in Lopburi Province. Yes, there is. Saenchai Sor KingStar (Sor Khamsingh) was one of the better known and respected Muay Thai fighters. He switched to “International style” and is 2 and 0. In his third fight he’ll go for the PABA Featherweight Interm belt. Invited into the Thai’s lair is Filipino teenager Nonoy Villaflor. Lady promoter, Prariyakorn Rattanasuban, has carded a supporting card with Pichit Chor Siriwat, the former WBA Light Flyweight king against Indonesian fighter, Yongkie Afrizal and Yoddamrong Singhwangcha, the former WBA Super Bantamweight champion against Dickson Ton, who is the former Indonesian Flyweight titlist. Well, who would have thought it? I’ll drink to that.

Pattaya Sports Club Friday Bowling League

This week saw two of the top teams square off at each other. VFW Post 9876 and House of Golden Coin split 2 & 2, Shakey Pete’s took 3-1 from Jack & Tar with the best series of the day (597) by Ooy to get within two games of the first place.

Over 200 bowlers of the day were: Ooy 236, Tue 211, Ken 211, Mai 201 and Ow 200.

In other games Nice & Sleazy beat Cafe Kronborg 4-0, Brother D beat Nam Tip 3-1, Night Life continued their losing ways as Three Sisters won 3-1. Meanwhile Cafe Ole bowlers had three games of over 200 with all three going well over 500 series, but only managed a split 2-2 with Alt Koelle.

A new club is born

Dirk, the Pattaya Mail Oldies captain

The Pattaya Mail Oldies are officially alive and kicking. After talks with the Pattaya Softball club and Pattaya Mail, both have decided to work together and join for their first serious challenge namely the Mighty International Tournament in Bangkok.

This tournament is known as one of the best and most competitive in Asia. This might show with teams entering from all over the world (Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, California, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Korea).

Many people again believe this tournament is out of our league, but as good citizens of Pattaya we don’t like it on top but rather have it on our backs with some juice and cream on the top. Anyway, we know for a fact that the local Bangkok teams will think highly of the Pattaya Mail Oldies team after the quakes we caused earlier this year in the one pitch tournament in the Bangkok League.

So this said, we would also like to thank the Sharks Club in Pattaya who also helped us out to join into our first adventure.

And of course a big thank you to the Editorial Department of the Pattaya Mail for without them all of this would not have been possible.

For more information on the International Tournament in Bangkok you can surf to

If there are any good softball players alive out there in Pattaya and feel the bug please contact Dirk on [email protected] or call on 015754528 to find out how to join us. We can use all the help we need and, be honest, it is always better with a few extra souls.

Peacock Indoors Bowling and Snooker Leagues

The ladies are poised for a great finish this week after Mam and Sawet beat Peacock Sue 8-7 and 10-4 respectively. Other results were Mam defeating Sawet 7-5, but lost to Danny Sue 11-7, Sawet beat Banjob 9-5 and Peacock Sue beat Danny Sue 16-4.

The two main games this week to decide the league will be Peacock Sue against Banjob and Lek against Sawet. Bill looks set to take the Snooker league with just a few matches to play. The league positions are:

England wins the 1st Lions World Team Golf Tournament

November 9, Sriracha International Golf Course

The Lions Club of Jomtien Pattaya held their first fundraising Golf tournament November 9 with the four-man team from England defeating a field of 30 golfers on the newly re-opened Sriracha International golf course.

Peter Smith (far right) presents the trophy to the winning team from England.

The format was a four-man Stableford round with a number of changes happening as the ardent golfers played through the stifling and humid day.

The England team came up trumps with 113 Stableford points, closely followed by the team from the Channel Islands on 112 points and the Thailand team on 109 points for third.

After a long day, the golfers made their way back to clubhouse, still under renovation, for an excellent buffet and prize presentation by the Lions club President Peter Smith.

The tournament raised funds for the Lions Club’s project to complete renovations and refurbishment of the Nongpankhae District Clinic.

The ground floor of the District clinic has now been refurbished, new electrics, plumbing, ceiling fans are in place and a new toilet facility was provided and within a week or so they will have new hospital beds and mattresses also in place, which in turn will lead to the next phase of the project.

The Lions Club of Jomtien Pattaya wish to thank everyone who played in the event and those who supported them by donating prizes including Sue Bryant - Peacock Place, Ulf Nyberg - Piece of Cake, Pairoj Sudathep - Pattaya City Golf, Kung & Richard Bennet - Prince of Wales Pub, Ian Ashenden - Teaching Professional Pattaya Golf Academy, Thepprasit Road.

Fletcher secures back-to-back Shenanigans win for Rudd

Mike Franklin

Graham Rudd’s new pairing with Kim Fletcher, in the Pairs Better Ball competition at Plutaluang on Tuesday November 6, secured a back-to-back win for Graham and a first for Kim in a Shenanigans ‘Fortnightly’. Playing the North and East courses, both in excellent condition, the weather stayed fine with a gentle cooling breeze on another hot day.

(L to R) Mike Franklin (center) flanked by the Pairs Better Ball winners Graham Rudd (left) and Kim Fletcher (right).

The winning score of 47 Stableford points was just enough; with the pairings Tai Kennedy/Banjob Franklin and Bob Pearce/John Healy close behind with 46 points. Tai & Banjob taking the runner-up spot on count-back.

Near pins were claimed by Kim Fletcher (obviously on form), Graham Rudd and visitor Len Loquist who was closest on both of the East par 3’s. Graham Rudd also claimed the long putt on North nine and Ken Leadstone, back for a break from Nigeria, on East nine.

Runners-up Tai Kennedy (left) and Banjob Franklin (right) are congratulated by Mike Franklin (center).

The field included six newcomers, Gary Blackburne, Dave Boran, Joe McArdle, Ben Hogstrom and the Loquists Len and Pia.

It was business as usual back at Shenanigans with a fiery Tuesday 100 baht Special of hot seafood sauce on spaghetti.

The next outing is on Tuesday November 25 for a Pairs Combined Stableford. Sign-up at Shenanigans in pairs please.

Neil Griffin is the first of the few

IPGC Pattaya Golf Society at the Bunker

Golfers have long memories and, after a few weeks of thirty and forty-plus fields, only fifteen golfers turned up to play in the Bunker’s weekly medal competition at the Royal Thai Navy course at Plutaluang on Tuesday, November 11. Many had remembered the advice given so publicly by the Manager of the course, a few weeks ago, “If you object to your round being interrupted by Military or Government personnel, find another course.” They did! Of the few who played at Plutaluang only Neil Griffin showed any vestige of form and he managed to take the prize with a fine net 70. Steve Nowell shot the day’s lowest gross, giving him net 76 whilst George Redgewell fired net 77 to take third place. There were no birdie two’s but abundant bananas as Ian Phillips, so often a winner at the Bunker, capped his dismal day by receiving the Bunker Banana Booby for his net 100. The biggest beneficiary of the day was Mr. Loy whose task as organizer was made so easy by the “wisdom” of the admiral at Plutaluang.

Ian Phillips finishes with a flourish

Another small field of Bunker Boys took the rocky road to Treasure Hill on Thursday, November 13, to play the weekly stableford tourney on a day when clouds filled the sky, rain threatened and a cool breeze blew. Conditions were fine for golf and the course at Treasure Hill was beautifully prepared. Gone are the anthills, the uneven tee boxes and the inconsistent greens and the course’s condition at present is the envy of many others in the region.

The two divisions met the usual problems and the tight front nine led to drab scores by the end of the round.

In division one Steve Nowell set out his stall with an excellent 31 points and took the victory from the challenge of Mark Joshua and Tony Thorne, both recording 29 points.

Division two saw better scores and on the eve of his return to England Big Ian Phillips used his long hitting to good effect to record a fine 34 points, just holding off the challenge of Duncan McGee whose 32 points was a measure of his skill on his first visit to the club. Ian had taken the Banana Booby only two days before for a round of stunning mediocrity but this time victory was much sweeter.

Steve Chadwick and Roy Mann, so often the custodian of the Bananas on his annual visits, shared the award this time for their poor scores, which, if added together would have shared the first prize in division one! Such is the challenge of Treasure Hill.

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

Monday November 10
Royal Lakeside

The Royal Lakeside Golf Club was host for a stroke play competition in two flights, A flight 0 to 19 and B flight 20 and above. As usual the fairways were like playing on Astroturf and the clubhouse service was first class.

Tony Scrambler

Tony Scrambler took the A flight on a countback from Cees Bosman, both with net 68’s and Ebrahim was third with a net 69. Old Arthur Bailey shook off the cobwebs and took the B flight with a net 66, and second place was decided on countback on net 72, with Chris Harrel taking second and Joe Vanderwegon coming in third.

Near Pin: #3 John Swanson, #15 Joe Vanderwegon

Thursday November 13
Khao Kheow

A big field turned up to go to the plush and difficult fairways of this magnificent course that is now recovering after the rain of recent months. There are still areas where the rough is soggy, but a few more days and all will be fine.

Celia Bosman

The test for the day were the B and C courses and proved just as difficult as we knew it would especially with the winds blowing, still we had our fair share of people who beat the elements.

In the A flight it looked like it would come down to a countback on 38 points between Derek Brook and Jeff Wylie, until Tony scrambler came in late with 42 points, on a difficult day, to win easily. Derek Brook came second and Jeff Wylie third with another countback for fourth on 34 points that was won by Frank Hughes with Marty Allread just missing out.

Art Bailey

In the B flight it was nice to see the Busman’s are back for the Winter as Cilia Bosman came in the clear winner with 41 points ahead of Mike Gaza in second with 38 points. In third was Bob Benda with 35 points and in fourth was Joe Wanderwegon with 34 points.

Near Pin: #B3 Jeff Wylie, #B8 Dave Cobb, #C3 Frank Hughes, #C8 Marty Allread

Jim Wickstrom wins Medal in own backyard

IPGC Golf from Lewiinski’s

Sunday November 9
Green Valley -
White Tees
Monthly Medal

1st Place A Flight: Jim Wickstrom, net 69

2nd Place A Flight: Jim Brackett, net 70

3rd Place A Flight: Martin Todd, net 71

4th Place A Flight: Julian Clarke, net 72

1st Place B Flight: Jim Munns, net 69

2nd Place B Flight: Dave Boran, net 72

3rd Place B Flight: Larry Nicholas, net 73

4th Place B Flight: Robbie Bennett, net 73

Nearest the Pin: #8 Mark Grygiel; #16 Joe Mooneyham

Jim Wickstrom walked out of his Green Valley home with only a sack of golf clubs, but returned Sunday evening with the addition of the Lewiinski’s Monthly Medal Trophy for November 2003.

Jim who has many golf accomplishments in this talented career navigated his 3 handicap around the redefined Green Valley course in even par off the stick. He still had to wait out a countback with Jim Munns, the B Flight winner before he knew he had copped the big prize of the day. Both Jims qualify for the Gold Medal playoffs to be staged soon after the 1st of the year.

Both Jim Brackett and Martin Todd, 2nd and 3rd in A Flight, respectively were under net under par.

The last spot in A went to Julian Clarke’s gross 77, net 72 round. Dave Boran played Green Valley for the last time on this vacation and made it memorable as the took the B silver. Larry Nicholas and Robbie Bennett both edge Darrell Busser on countback to gain the last two steps on the B Flight podium. Mark Grygiel and Joe Mooneyham won the two Nearest the Pin awards offered on the days.

Monday November 10
Treasure Hill -
White Tees

1st Place A Flight: Joe Mooneyham, 35 points

2nd Place A Flight: Chris Fox, 32 points

3rd Place A Flight: Julian Clarke, 31 points

1st Place B Flight: Colin Davis, 35 points

2nd Place B Flight: Dr. Raimund Cerny, 32 points

3rd Place A Flight: Derrick Redding, 28 points

The gang braved the potholes and construction of dreaded Hwy. 331, but it was considered worth it to play the revitalized fairways of Treasure Hill, previously its only shortcoming.

A couple of old hands, Joe Mooneyham and Colin “The Donkey” Davis, matched 35-point rounds to take A and B Flights, respectively.

In like manner Chris Fox and his B Flight mirror, Dr. Raimund Cerney, matched 32’s to take their respective silvers. The two Flights were rounded off by Julian Clarke and Derrick Redding, the latter pleased to garner a place with but 28 points.

November 12
Pattaya C.C. -
White Tees

1st Place A Flight: Robert Sollic, 34 points

2nd Place A Flight: Scott Jaconetty, 31 points

3rd Place A Flight: Peter Wilson, 28 points

1st Place B Flight: Jim Munns, 36 points

2nd Place B Flight: Frank Pilkington, 35 points

3rd Place A Flight: Peter Speetzen, 34 points

The day started a bit off as the gang headed for a reserved date, with reserved carts, at Great Lake. Long a favorite with the Lewiinksi’s Golf Society, hope springs eternal that it returns to good nick so that this Faldo design can provide the challenge and enjoyment of which it showed previously.

Alas, the issue of “good nick” was never resolved as the management was proud that they could provide us carts but that it regretted that they had no battery power. It was noted that there were numerous carts on the course but they were being utilized for our guests from south of the DMZ who probably had changed out their “morning carts” for new ones for their afternoon rounds.

In any event, it is regrettable that further trips to Great Lake cannot be arranged if this is the kind of service they provide.

Pattaya Country Club was kind enough to provide starting times for our large group on short notice and despite a late start with lots of driving and haggling a day’s worth of golf was accomplished. Some visiting tourists seemed to have weathered the arduous beginning better than the locals as Robert Sollic, Scott Jaconetty and Peter Wilson manned the A Flight steps.

Things were a bit more traditional in B Flight as Jim Munns and frequent visitor from Bangkok Frank Pilkington took the top steps. Peter Speetzen, a man that always seems to have a smile on his face, copped the bronze in B.

Friday November 14
Century Banchang - Blue & White Tees

1st Place Blue Flight: John McHugh, net 72

2nd Place Blue Flight: Graham Johnson, net 78

3rd Place Blue Flight: Julian Clarke, net 78

1st Place White Flight: Jay Nakagawa, net 68

2nd Place White Flight: Karen Rolle, net 73

3rd Place White Flight: James Paxton, net 73

Nearest the Pin: #16 Joe Mooneyham

Friday was another chance for golfers to exercise their choice between blue tees and whites tees on the day. Given the new hot golf balls and big drivers, along with the caliber of players that seem to be catching on to Pattaya and Lewiinksi’s more each day, it was decided that splitting the field along choice of tee box, rather than handicap might be enjoyable for many.

An enthusiastic group of brave souls took on the 6,628 yard blues and were led in by John “McHuge” McHugh, who utilized his booming drives to amass a six-shot victory over low handicappers Graham Johnson and Julian Clarke. Jay Nakagawa, the favorite son of Sapporro, Japan and Heineken beer, was low on the day with net 68, albeit off the slightly less demanding white tees. He was followed in by Karen Rolle and Jim Paxson. Joe Mooneyham was the winner of the sole Nearest the Pin award.

Mo Bertrand excels

IPGC TAGGS golf from The Haven

Monday November 10
Century Bang Chan
Stroke Play

1st Division

1st Al Rolnik, 73

2nd Frank Hughes, 71

3rd Mark Wood, 73

2nd Division

1st Trevor Schirmer, 73

2nd Brian Kelly, 75

3rd Ken Leadstone, 77 cb9 37.5

4th Dave Lee, 77 cb9 39

Another large turnout meant the formation of two divisions at the always-popular Nick Faldo designed course at Bang Chan. Al Rolnik broke his run of poor form to head the first division with Frank Hughes taking his first of three placings during the week in second and Mark wood another two shots behind in third.

The second division was led by Trevor Schirmer closely followed by Brian Kelly and Ken Leadstone and Dave Lee a further two shots back in third and fourth respectively.

The twos pool was shared between John Desmond, Ian Bakewell, Frank Hughes, Mark Wood and Jens Gunnarsson.

Prior to the prize giving Richard Livingston, the resident PGA Professional, welcomed new members Ian Na Robert Bakewell, as the first set of twin members and both with handicaps below 5!

November 12
Noble Place


1st Jens Gunnarsson, 41

2nd Frank Hughes, 37

3rd Mike Dabanovich, 34 cb9 19

4th Fred Ewins, 34 cb9 17

5th Brian Kelly, 34 cb9 15

6th Serge Straeten, 34 cb9 14

The long trip up the 331 was well worthwhile for those that made the effort, as they found the A and C courses to be in excellent condition and playing a lot shorter than usual as the fairways gave the maximum amount of run to a well struck tee shot. Jens Gunnarsson at last made it into top spot after threatening over the last few competitions and blowing out over the closing holes.

Frank Hughes took his second prize of the week followed by a gaggle of golfers who had to be separated by countback, these were led by Mike Dabanovich with Fred Ewins, Brian Kelly and Serge Straeten rounding out the podium.

Jens Gunnarsson made it a clean sweep of the day by getting the only two and sweep the twos pool as well as taking the main prize.

Before presenting the prizes Richard welcomed back Jay Nakagawa and also said farewell to Trevor Schirmer who is returning to Oz to cut a thousand acres of straw as a holiday from the rigours of Pattaya.

Friday November 14

1st Mo Bertrand, 45

2nd Frank Hughes, 39

3rd Brian Kelly, 38 cb9 19

4th B.J. Smith, 38 cb9 17

5th Tony Barritt, 38 cb9 15

6th Malcolm Clare, 37 cb9 20

7th Peter Christianssen, 37 cb9 17

After what seemed like months in the wilderness, Mo Bertrand returned from a break in building his new home to record his best score of the year by several strokes to knock the rest of the field into oblivion on his way to amassing forty five Stableford points and win by a street.

Frank Hughes took up his now familiar position on the winners list in second with Brian Kelly also scoring his third success of the week in third place, by virtue of countback over the chasing group. B.J. Smith, who was followed by Tony Barritt, Malcolm Clare and Peter Christianssen, led these.

Peter Christianssen and Mo Bertrand shared the twos pool with Mo almost equalling Jens’s feat on the previous outing of a clean sweep of all the days goodies.

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