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The Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya
The Rotary Club
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VOL.VIII NO.20     -     19  May  2000

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City fathers to evict elephants
But nobody knows what to do with them

City fathers are trying to make this a scene from the past.

Pattaya’s city administration wants to clear the streets of wandering elephants, fearing they pose a danger to both residents and tourists. But, up to this point, no one yet knows what to do with them.

Flyers are currently being circulated throughout the city pronouncing wild animals should remain in the wilds. The flyers request the community to please refrain from indulging the elephants, as kind intentions could result in more harm than good.

The flyers also request the public to refrain from purchasing fruit to feed the elephants and not to support their presence by taking pictures. The unwritten goal is that if this source of income is taken away, the owners will no longer bring elephants inside city limits.

A warning is also included on the flyers to keep children a safe distance away from these huge animals. The flyers list telephone numbers so that reports of elephants wandering or staying within the city limits can be investigated. These numbers are 410200 and 423752 ext. 234.


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