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VOL.VII NO.41     -      8 October 1999

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Wonder Boy survives another close call
Survivor of air crash survives auto accident

Three-year-old Chanayuth Nimanong (Ah Liang) survived another close call. He and Mrs. Sirkiat check the damage to their car after the cement truck (parked behind) dragged them for 100 meters.

“Wonder Boy” Chanayuth Nimanong, nicknamed Ah Liang, has done it again, although this time not quite as dramatically.

Ah Liang is now only 3 years old, but in his short life so far he has survived two potentially life-ending accidents. When Ah Liang was only 14 months old, he and a 4-year-old Vietnamese boy were the only survivors of Vietnamese Airlines Flight 815 that crashed into the rice paddies near Plochenthong Airport in Phnom Penh. Ah Liang’s mother was killed in the crash.

Last week, on September 30th, Ah Liang was a passenger in a car that was struck by a cement truck on Sukhumvit Highway. The momentum of the cement truck caused it to drag the car 100 meters down the road. Miraculously, no one was seriously hurt.

The driver of the car, Mrs. Sirikiat Nimanong told police she was taking Ah Liang to play games in South Pattaya. She said she was careful to keep to the far left side of the road to avoid the rushing traffic.

“All of sudden a cement truck started to pass (us) near South Pattaya Road (on Sukhumvit Hwy.) and smashed into the side of our car, dragging us for about 100 meters before stopping. Once the cement truck stopped, the driver jumped out and took off running. Luckily no injuries occurred,” Mrs. Sirikiat said, but she and Ah Liang were extremely shook up.

Mrs. Sirikiat added that since Ah Liang was involved in the airplane crash last year, they are in the process of seeking damages from the airline, so the young boy must be closely looked after at all times.

Police have identified the driver of the cement truck as Mr. Phayom Bangkhum from Phetchaburi Province. A warrant has been issued for his arrest.

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