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VOL.VII NO.13     -      26 March 1999

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Stand-off in Pluak Daeng
Residents clash with village headman

Environmentalists and farmers in the Pluak Daeng area are continuing their protest against the building of the Thai-Singapore Industrial Estates.

home.jpg (31193 bytes)Environmental advisor Professor Taw Suwannarat points out that the Pluak Daeng area should be kept “green” and not have dangerous industrial plants.

The group of protestors continue to maintain that the Industrial Estates would make the water in the important watershed areas undrinkable and kill plant and wildlife.

Both antagonists and proponents met in a heated confrontation in front of the Pluak Daeng District Office last week.

Village headman Tuan Pradaprat led proponents of the industrial expansion, a group that includes village chiefs and headmen. The proponents heatedly told the protesters that, "Even though the water may be destroyed by the plant, it is necessary, as it will generate much income for many people. Investment is necessary and has its price."

Environmental experts from several universities implored everyone to keep calm. They said that proper environmental protection standards should be set and the problem could be avoided.

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