VOL.VII NO.4 22 January 1999
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101 battle roars on

Committee vow to keep up the fight

home.jpg (29156 bytes)Committee of 101 Businesspeople members met with Mayor Pairat to continue their battle against the scheduled demolition of their businesses.

The battle continues between the 101 business owners in South Pattaya and the government. In the latest development, Mr. Sukhum Viphutanon, the President of the ‘Committee of 101 Businesspeople’, delivered a letter of protest to Pattaya Mayor Pairat Suthithamrongsawat. The committee requested the mayor give it to provincial authorities and to central government officials.


The conflict stems from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment’s plan to demolish the 101 buildings and business which occupy allegedly public land in South Pattaya.

The all powerful Ministry of the Interior has given Chonburi Provincial Office the order to tear down the buildings at any time.

The businesspeople protest that this will bankrupt them, destroy Pattaya’s economy, destroy tourism, destroy the very area which is the ‘symbol’ of Pattaya and the center of Pattaya’s own singular tourism.

Mayor Pairat empathized with the businesspeople and said he did not agree with the government’s order. He feels that the government should have been stopped before this got out of hand.

The mayor feels that a ‘Pattaya Improvement Project’ would be a much better solution to any problems the city might have. The ‘Committee of 101’ is in agreement with the mayor and amenable to this solution.

The ‘Committee of 101’ maintains that the land in question was used as a fishing village for generations and slowly became a business area. This type of metamorphosis is in the natural order of things.

It has now been developed into a tourist area with large restaurants, hotels, bars, nightclubs, many types of retail stores and other venues which provide entertainment for tourists.

The famous ‘Walking Street’ was also completed not long ago and tourists may stroll and take in the paradisal view without danger of being mown down by buses or motorcycles. The area is a valuable source of income for the city and the country.

Regarding documentation, 24 of the business owners have Nor Sor 3 forms which give them right of use and usufruct of the land.

Some of them have Sor Kor 1 documents which are ‘land rights’ documents. The holders maintain these for 100 years without expiration.

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