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Volvo Women’s Open finals this weekend at Dusit Resort
An appeal to help a stricken caddy
Aces of bases
13th Asian Games - Thailand (part2)
Validation of handicaps

Two remain undefeated in Mickey Mouse

Banglamung Sports Day

PCS defeats Archie’s
“Finntastic” finish in Division Two
Papa Ray Roger’s ‘Turkey Day’ tournament
Ross and Quin blast them

International leader board at TAGGS

PSC Golf next week

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Volvo Women’s Open finals this weekend at Dusit Resort

The final rounds of the Volvo Women’s Open, Thailand’s largest women’s tennis tournament, will be played this weekend on the courts of the Dusit Resort Pattaya.

s1.JPG (25857 bytes)Thailand’s Tamarine Tanasugarn

The main draw quarterfinal round is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. Friday, November 20. The main draw semi-final round is scheduled for Saturday, November 21 beginning at 3:00 p.m.

The singles main draw final round is scheduled for Sunday, November 22 beginning at 3:00 p.m., and will be followed by the doubles main draw final round.

At stake will be the highest purse for women’s tennis in Thailand, a total of US $107,500, with the singles winner taking home $17,700.

Tournament sponsor Swedish Motors PCL (the sole distributor of Volvo automobiles in Thailand) has been associated with tennis in Thailand since 1989. Volvo’s objective is to offer Thai players the chance to be a part of one of the world’s greatest events, which significantly helps them improve their skills, performance and ability. This event will also help to promote Pattaya as one of the most famous tourist resorts in the region.

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An appeal to help a stricken caddy

On the 26th of October at Khao Kheow, when the Pattaya Sports Club Splinter Golf Group were playing, a caddy by the name of Kuhn Fon was standing behind a golf cart getting a club from the bag when another cart, driven by another caddy, came at speed round a tree and ran into the back of the other cart, pinning Kuhn Fon between the two. She sustained a compound fracture of the right shin.

We understand the golf course was kind enough to pay the hospital charges, but obviously the caddy is unable to work and may even not be able to caddy again. The hospital estimated that she will be off work for at least 3 months. She needs money to support her family, so PSC golfers are sending out an appeal to other PSC golfers, or anyone who wishes to help, to kindly donate whatever small amount you can afford, to help the girl’s situation.

The goal of the Appeal is a modest B. 30,000, with contributions already received from PSC Golf, the player whose caddy drove the cart, members of PSC Executive Council and Caltex.

Benevolent donations can be given to Pattaya Sports Club Golf Chairman Mike Franklin; or put in an envelope in the box at the Cafe Kronborg; or to Stephen Beard at the Hare House; Steve Ross of the Splinter Golf Group; or to Gez Tracey.

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Aces of bases

Baa’s Aces and Ice’s Kings anted up at the weekly Pattaya Sports Club softball game on Sunday, November 15. It was the Aces that hit the jackpot and broke the bank in capturing both ends of the doubleheader.

The Aces opened up early, scoring four in the top of the first behind Crafty Chris’ triple to left.

After shutting down the Kings’ offense in the bottom of the first and second, the Aces added six in the third behind C.F. (Fowl Ball) Macallen’s double and Slammin Sammy’s upper deck bullet into the left field bleachers.

Down ten to nothing, the Kings’ Sterling (Silver) Bechtel and Dick (The Stick) Cagg put some hits together driving in three. The Kings added one in the fourth but Slammin Sammy’s second two run upper deck blast in the top of the fifth put the game on ice for the Aces.

Final score: Aces 13 - Kings 5.

The nitecap saw the Kings explode out of the starting gate. John (Baypoint) Bechtel, Craig (Netman) Lewis, and Mike (Mr. Ice) Berg each had homers in the top of the first putting the Kings up ten zip before the Aces even got a chance to bat.

Unfortunately for the Kings, they stood pat and behind some sparkling defense by Aloha Tom at third and Alan (YB) Baa at short were shutout over the next six innings.

The Aces chipped away at the lead, scoring six in the third and two in the fourth.

Down 10 to 8 in the bottom of the fifth, Tundra Todd doubled home two and later scored the go ahead run on a single to center.

The Aces added one in the sixth to complete the scoring and snare the victory 12 to 10.

If you’d like to be dealt in, games are every Sunday at 2:00 p.m. at the back of Somprasong Plaza on Jomtien Beach Road. Equipment is provided and refreshments are available. Everyone is welcome to participate.

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13th Asian Games - Thailand (part 2)

Thailand’s Sporting Spirit

Somrak Kamsingh was a typical poor peasant from the arid Northeastern Region of Thailand. His profound love of boxing inspired him to learn and train vigorously, but his intention has never been for wealth. That is why he keeps boxing as an amateur featherweight instead of turning professional or becoming a Muay Thai (kick boxing) pro which could make him rich and famous.

For Somrak Kamsingh, amateur boxing liberates him from the pressure of winning as the only thing. While competition may be the most important aspect in theory, he strives for sportsmanship and friendship, and takes pride in the achievements of the other athletes who perform on behalf of their nations. This Thai boxer’s spirit is just like the original purpose of the Olympic Games to promote "a sound mind in a sound body."

From his small start in Thailand’s Northeast, Somrak went on to win one of the three gold medals for Thailand in the 1994 Hiroshima Asian Games. To the joy of the whole nation, Somrak went on to win the one and only Olympic Gold in Thai history at the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

This Thai boxer’s attitude exemplifies the spirit of the whole Thai nation. The people of Thailand are for sportsmanship and friendship. Hosting the Asian Games is a national pride of showing the Thais’ friendliness and their sporting spirit. Furthermore, Thailand has the unique distinction of hosting the Asian Games for the fourth time in its short but glorious history. Of course, its hosting has never been to dominate the competition, but always to make friends.

* In 1966, Thailand played host to the 5th Asian Games, which comprised:
- 14 sports
- 18 countries and regions
- 1,945 athletes and officials
- 142 gold medals

* In 1970, Thailand stepped in to host the 6th Asian Games when Korea had to decline because of economic problems. Before that, Japan was asked to host the Games, but it turned down the request because it was occupied with holding the Expo ’70. On that occasion the Games comprised:
- 13 sports
- 18 countries and regions
- 1,752 athletes and officials
- 137 gold medals

* In 1978, Thailand again came to the rescue to host the 8th Asian Games when Pakistan declined due to economic problems. The Games comprised:
- 19 sports
- 25 countries and regions
- 2,863 athletes and officials
- 201 gold medals

* Games played in some of the most modern sports facilities in the world. The 13th Asian Games will comprise:
- 38 sports
- 43 countries and regions
- 10,000 athletes and officials
- 377 gold medals
- 3 billion TV audience

Despite being a developing economy, Thai people are always ready to demonstrate their sporting spirit and friendliness in hosting and participating in the Asian Games. These have been shown in the past 12 Asian Games so far. Its medal record has never been that great but its 4-time hosting record is good proof of the nation’s supreme spirit.

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Validation of handicaps

Handicap Committee Ruling 17/10/98

Visiting Pattaya Sports Club members with PSC Handicaps from a previous visit who are not on the current Handicap List, i.e. have not submitted a scorecard during the past six months, must confirm their most recent handicap in order to be moved to the current list and for that handicap to be recorded.

In order to do this, present your Home Club or Society Handicap Card to the PSC Tournament Director at the venue on the first occasion you play in a competition. Alternatively, contact Handicap Chairman Bill Thompson at 411804, or PSC Golf Chairman Mike Franklin at 731144.

Players with a handicap on the current PSC Handicap List who have been away, and have a current Home Club or Society Handicap which is lower than their PSC Handicap, must declare this on the first occasion they play again with PSC Golf, and play off the lower figure.

Failure to do this will mean disqualification in a PSC competition with no return of entry fee; or if intentionally not declared, possible loss of USGA Handicap.

The standard procedure for players without any form of handicap validation from PSC Golf or elsewhere is to submit five scorecards together, signed by a PSC Member, for a USGA Handicap to be given and a computer record to be entered.

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Two remain undefeated in Mickey Mouse

In week two of the Mickey Mouse Fun Darts League, Mick’s Place won their game away at Pleasure Dome to remain undefeated on the young season. Mick’s Place also won the beer leg, while Jenny from Mick’s hit a 137 check out. Meanwhile, Alex from Pleasure Dome hit a perfect 180 with his first set of darts on the evening.

Rising Sun also remained unbeaten with their victory at home against Beer Put. Beer Put, however, came back to win the beer leg.

In the other Friday night game, Cheers lost their game against Palmer’s, but won the beer leg. It has become obvious where Cheers’ priorities lie, as although they have yet to win a match this season, they are the only team in the league yet to lose a beer leg.

Anyone interested in playing darts should just turn up at one of the participating venues and will be sure of a game.

This week’s matches (Friday, November 20th) have Palmer’s vs. Rising Sun, Pleasure Dome vs. Cheers, and Mick’s Place vs. Beer Put.

Week No. 2

Win Loss B/L U 10s
Mick’s Place
Rising Sun
Pleasure Dome
Beer Put
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Banglamung Sports Day

Over 4,000 people participated in Banglamung’s annual ‘Sports Day’.

s7.JPG (34478 bytes)

The annual ‘Sports Day’ opens with a dazzling and festive parade.

The ‘Sports Day’ is an annual affair in Banglamung and hopes to encourage esprit de corps among members of the community.

There are many events, including beach volleyball, rowing, canoeing, squash and windsurfing.

These are divided into age categories and people from 8-80 may participate in most of the events.

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PSC defeats Archie’s

Pattaya Sports Club Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

John Cahill cards ‘Best Round Ever’ to help PSC in match victory over Archie’s Bar at Sriracha on Monday 9th November (Stableford).

A fine post Loy Krathong day encouraged good scores from an impressive field of 75 players. In the Stableford competition the honours were shared and in A Flight Hans Kafka took first place with 39 points. Round of the day came from B Flight and John Cahill having a ‘best ever’ round with 43 points. Serge Straeten, currently showing great form, came second with an impressive 41 points.

The Stableford Points Aggregate Match between PSC Golf and Archie’s Bar visiting from the Philippines was made up of 16 players from each side. As always, a closely fought contest resulted with PSC just easing on to the winners rostrum with a total of 555 points against Archie’s 518.

A Flight
Winner: Hans Kafka, 39 points
2nd: Pat Manley, 38 points C/B
3rd: John Ottaway, 38 points

B Flight
Winner: John Cahill, 43 points
2nd: Serge Straeten, 41 points
3rd: Bill Mayfield, 36 points

Very Long Drive: Darren Ottaway
Near Pins: #3 Ron O’Neil, #8 Robin Galey, #12 John Love, #17 Ernst.
Long Putts: #9 Dave Richardson, #18 Sture Brisholm.

Forty-Six golfers fail to make the green at Green Valley Par 3 fourth on Thursday 12th November (Stableford)

On a perfect day with a strong cooling breeze, forty six golfers took on the challenge of this excellent golf course, but failed to make the green on the par 3 fourth - an unprecedented (poor) performance. However, much good golf was played in the other departments and some good scores were recorded with Svend Berthelson taking the A Flight and Serge Straeten, wearing a freshly cut ‘Legionnaire’ hairstyle, continued in form to win B Flight.

A Flight
Winner: Svend Berthelson, 39 points
2nd: Joe Smiley, 36 points
3rd: Norrie Whiter, 35 points C/B John Ottaway

B Flight
Winner: Serge Straeten, 35 points
2nd: Mike Franklin, 34 points
3rd: Rudi Huber, 33 points

Near Pins: #4 Nobody, #7 Jonas Rosell, #11 Arthur Wood, #15 Norrie Whiter.

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“Finntastic” finish in Division Two

PSC Pattaya Golf Society

Pattaya Golf and Country Club was the venue for the Tuesday, November 10 Pattaya Golf Society stroke play competition.

The winner of Division One was veteran Dick Barbie with a truly creditable performance of two under par. Dick was a late arrival at Pattaya but soon made his presence felt. Dick had an identical win on the same course in September.

Roy Mitchell (alias "El Tigre or Mr. Loy"), mine host of the Bunker, was a distant second with three over par. Roy was also successful on two nearest the pins.

Division Two was totally a Finnish affair with Hannu destroying the field with six under par. Hannu has only been playing golf for five months, and now playing off 30 is fully intent of achieving a single figure handicap in a very short time. This is Hannu’s fourth victory in five weeks!

Second was the rapidly improving Finn, Pasi Venalainen with four under par. Pasi is most anxious to have his handicap reduced and there seems little doubt he is heading in the right way.

Members should be advised that the Club Championships, singles and pairs, will be held in December. Please make your entry at the Bunker.

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Papa Ray Roger’s ‘Turkey Day’ tournament

Pattaya Country Club, Thursday 26th November

s10.JPG (9353 bytes)Papa Ray

Pattaya Country Club, Thursday 26th November

Sign-up early for the annual Papa Ray Rogers ‘Turkey Day’ Tourney to celebrate Thanksgiving. After the Stableford tournament at Pattaya Country Club, Papa Ray will host the traditional Thanksgiving Supper at his house followed by the Prize-giving and Lucky Draw. There will be 17 Trophies on offer and many other prizes. Every player, when handing in a completed scorecard at Papa Ray’s, will receive a 1998 Turkey Day shirt Compliments of Ray.

There will be a big turnout for this so sign-up early at the Cafe Kronborg to avoid disappointment.

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Ross and Quin blast them

PSC Splinter Golf Group

9th Nov - Laem Chabang (2 man better ball)

Winners: Steve Ross and Jerry Quin, net 62

In this winner takes all event, group secretary and reporter teamed up to fire a solid net 62, around what was said to be an easy Laem Chabang track, although many would say it is never easy, but the tee’s were forward this day.

11th Nov - Green Valley

A flight
1. Rick Sharpe - 36 pts
2. Sven Berthesen - 35 pts

B flight
1. Stephen Harlow - 35 pts c/b
2. Jerry Quin - 35 pts

On a very blustery but warm day, Rick Sharpe was the only player to match his handicap. Rick mastered the conditions and backwards tee positions to edge out the ever present Sven in the A flight, while in the B flight Stephen Harlow edged out Jerry Quin on a tight count back going to the last six holes.

13th Nov - Khao Kheow

1. Hannu - net 64
2. Jerry Quin - net 68
3. Dick Holt - net 69 c/b

Playing for the first time with the Splinter Group, Hannu fired an excellent net 64 from his 30 hdcp to easily win the stroke event at a windy Khao Kheow. Jerry Quin was again on the podium with a solid 68, just beating out his old friend Dick Holt, who himself won a count back from in form Stephen Harlow for third place.

There was wide range despair last week upon the return to Thai shores of Tony Stevens. He had promised to bring some tins of salmon back for Steve Ross, but claims they only have extra large tins in Devon, and he only had room for his golf clubs, which he obviously cant use.

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International leader board at TAGGS

PSC TAGGS... Golf from the Hare House

Wednesday, November 11 -Natural Park Hills Country Club (Pairs Medal)
1st: Philippe Berra & Serge Straeten, Net 63
2nd: Stephen Beard & John Taylor, Net 65
3rd: Derek Reaper & Norrie Whiter, Net 68

The last two times the Hare House has played a Pairs Medal competition at Natural Park Hills, the course lived up to its reputation as one of the toughest layouts in Chonburi. The winning scores were 67 and 69 respectively. On Wednesday, the duo of Philippe Berra and Serge Straeten brought the course down a notch or two as they won the TAGGS tournament with a net 63.

Heading an international leader board, Philippe, who comes from Switzerland, and Serge, who hails from France, had no problems other than the bumpy greens as they shot a 32 on the front and a 31 on the back to take the contest by two strokes.

In second place at net 65, a score that you’d expect to "ring the bell" on this course, were England’s Steve Beard and New Zealand’s John Taylor. John, who has now left to return to Auckland, certainly made the most of his three weeks in Pattaya. He played pretty good golf as well. This was his fourth straight appearance on the TAGGS podium.

In third place were Canada’s "Mr. Moustache" Derek Reaper, and England’s Norrie Whiter, who shot a better ball score of 68.

Derek lost one of the Hare House’s huge hamburgers in his ‘stache a few weeks ago and hasn’t found it yet. The buzzing of hungry insects is keeping him awake at night and he has decided the mustache must go. He is looking at sponsors for this historic event with all proceeds going to charity. Check out the sign up sheet at the Hare House on Soi Post Office.

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PSC Golf next week

Pattaya Sports Club Golf from the Cafe Kronborg

The last week of November starts with a Stableford competition at Phoenix on Monday the 23rd of November with PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg, and a Stroke Play competition at Bangpra with PSC Splinter Golf Group.

PSC Pattaya Golf Society goes to Siam Country Club on Tuesday the 24th to play a Medal competition and on Wednesday the 25th a choice of playing Stableford at Natural Park Hill with the PSC Splinter Golf Group, or playing a Two Man Scramble at Laem Chabang with TAGGS from the Hare House.

PSC Golf from the Cafe Kronborg goes to Pattaya Country Club on Thursday 26 November for the annual Papasan Ray Rogers’ Turkey Day Tournament, followed by a Thanksgiving Supper at Papa Rays’. Sign up for this by Tuesday the 24th, if not already full.

The week ends on Friday 27 November with a choice of the Monthly Diana Group Medal with the Splinter Golf Group at Rayong Green Valley ,or a visit to Siam Country Club with TAGGS to play Stableford.

The full November Schedule can be seen at PSC Golf venues and on our Web Page at

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